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Goblin club car for sale?


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always happy to have an argument on the internet.

First one is in the for sale section and contains details of all the mods to the car which I didnt want to have to go through in order to meet the rules for a for-sale advert

second one is a newbie chancing his arm in the suprachat section

third one also contains the spec of the car and is in the chat section.

I wasnt interested in asking for a guide price as the second and third link were, I was interested in seeing who wanted to buy it.

the forum is a lot quieter than it was before so maybe I should take it as a chance to close the doors and you can all go to Facebook and be picky there instead!


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Who's arguing?

Im simply pointing out the facts that everything you post is on FB/insta and no effort is put into content on the forum, thats not an argument its simply the facts.

You say you didn't want to go through the process of listing all the details of the car, you therefore can't be that serious about selling it as that is what a car that is so extensively modified will require in order to sell it :)

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