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  1. I think £1200 is a bit optimistic tbh, there is a limited market for them as theyre obviously stock bumper only, and they do limit your intercooler choices significantly. That said, I completely agree with the above sentiment, they are one of the nicer optional features. I regret selling mine, though I had little choice at the time. I would probably expect somewhere in the £800 ballpark today. You may see your £1200 though if you are willing to ship to the US.
  2. Is that really what these cars are going for now? Interior needs some work (wheel, dash panels, whatevers hanging out of the dash,) You're going to be another £10k in to do a manual swap capable of handling big power, but thats small change compared to the money it will then cost to tune it. Frankly, of you want a big power car, you are much better off buying a well built one in the first place.
  3. Looks great now If you want to remove those rear quarter tints, can I recommend petrol. (Sparingly, and well ventilated!) Recommended to me by Matt_rr a while back, makes removing the residue much easier than anything else I've tried.
  4. j_jza80

    2jz gte swap

    I think NA-T and start saving for an R154 is your best bet
  5. Welcome back!! Cossie is lovely any idea what your plans will be for the Supra? Biggest issue these days seems to be getting the right gearbox - I quite like the look of Grannas racing products, and they're starting to produce a cd009 complete swap kit now, though the T56 magnum is probably the one to go for (especially with your taste for power! )
  6. As stock but with the limiter removed, a tt6 will top 170mph. A BPU will knock on the door of 190. I have seen around that, GPS verified, in my first Supra on a trip to Germany (UK TT auto, BPU, 1.4 bar, emanage, FMIC. Dyno printout at Surrey Rolling Road of 455hp at the crank - think it was just under 400 at the wheels, but this was a long time ago)
  7. Rightly or wrongly, we have a reputation here for rust. But even still, plenty of UK based cars (not just Supras) go to Europe because of how cheap our cars are. I bet the vast majority of RHD Supras in mainland Europe will have been imported to the UK initially. The reason the wrecks price seems so unpalatable is because if how low our Supra prices are. The prices of used spares in the US and Europe can be shocking compared to here.
  8. Thought this may be if interest to some of you, High Performance Academy are offering 50% off all of their courses for Black Friday https://www.hpacademy.com/all-courses I'm really tempted by a couple of them, even if I don't have a lot of time for it at the moment. Seem to get decent reviews online from a search around the forums etc. The 'Starter Package' seems like good value with the discount: https://www.hpacademy.com/hpa-starter-package/ (No affiliation whatsoever BTW, just thought it would appeal to a few on here )
  9. Great work Ed (suprastar3000) builds some amazing aircraft dioramas. I have loads of kits but haven't built anything in years.
  10. j_jza80

    Project Pesto

    Nice project strange car though, has it been in an accident previously? Pre facelift car with full facelift front bodypanels
  11. The V12 Supra was not the car that did 194mph in Britain. That car had an RB26 fitted, and was later converted to a drag car. I think it resides in the Middle East now.
  12. [quote name='Tyson']Skoda Octavia[/QUOTE] This, or a BMW 3 series touring as all rounders. If you want something comfortable, Volvo v70 d5 2003 - 2007, but ideally a 2004/2005 (euro 3, so no dpf to go wrong, but still facelift). Very well engineered cars.
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