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  1. https://www.carsensor.net/usedcar/detail/VU5655335491/index.html?STID=SMPH0002&RESTID=SMPH0001#mainBlock Very low miles 2002 RZ-S 6 speed. Over £160k
  2. Why would it get replaced?
  3. Really not sure what to make of that. Definitely not a good thing for the forum though.
  4. Have you considered the Grannas Racing T56 swap? They supply it with a cast bellhousing adapter now too, so it looks more oem. Works with na auto diff ratio too I believe. https://www.grannasracing.com/blogs/news/new-2jz-to-t56-cast-aluminum-bellhousing https://www.grannasracing.com/products/supra-t56-magnum-f-swap-kit-mkiv-2jz-tr6060
  5. I think the w58 is the thing that stops it being top money, but I would still start at £25k and see how you get on. If it was ab6bspeed, I would have thought 30k in the current market. Has some really lovely parts on it (especially that exhaust!!)
  6. Really nice little mod that would love one but with this:
  7. To be fair that is as nice a Supra as anyone is ever likely to find, the fact that it's an auto will make it a relative bargain. How much would that be worth as a manual?
  8. To be fair, that appears much tidier than most of the cars that come up for sale. Think the asking price is ambitious to say the least, but there's no point aiming low in the current climate.
  9. As above. Will likely need a few £k spending on it, but it would almost certainly be worth the extra investment. Probably being sent to a renowned specialist like Whifbitz or SRD would really help with a potential sale. Would be worth clarifying the mileage and history, that seat is very worn for a low miles car.
  10. Probably worth in excess of £40k tidied up at the moment tbh. Ultimate model for many (not all), low miles, history etc. Would be worth considering a dash swap (I believe these can still be bought new.), and getting the leather looked at by someone who knows their stuff. Baltic is a fine colour, a car of this calibre should be prepared for sale with a good prep, which will make baltic blue look fantastic under the right light.
  11. Condensation, most likely.
  12. Not really comparable as the Supra is generally a bespoke car, the R34 is a range of Nissans. RX7 or Z32 would be a good comparison thought.
  13. Spotted by a couple of people I know, who both thought it was me.
  14. Source a stock bonnet and have it painted so you have the choice?
  15. Except one changes hands for <£50k. The other changes hands for >£1m.
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