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  1. mattdavies


    I am really enjoying reading this thread, and if nothing else it has inspired me to try different types of cooking. Incidently I enjoy the reduced section of the supermarket to try different meats and fish etc.
  2. Any up date on this ? I understand COVID probably got in the way but interested to see what power your Upgrade T04Z makes
  3. As an asaide, how do you find traction now that you are running more power ? do you spin the tyres aot or does the car put the power down well all things considered ?
  4. The eibach spring do lower the car slightly. I cant comment on the difference between Bilstein Stock Spring and Bilstein Eibach spring as I never ran that combination. I have been running mine for ages now. With an Eibach spring i would say it would rub your tyre if you already have that issue
  5. What he said, I have Bilstein / Eibach combo on mine and the traction and ride is very good. I believe the rear springs on the eibachs are a softer spring rate so you get better squat when applying the power, which i believe helps with traction.
  6. Hello and Welcome I recommend that you upload a picture of your car, everyone loves a picture
  7. He did but hasn’t fitted it yet, I’ll speak to him see why he wants for it
  8. Where are you based ?
  9. Hi David Did you get any further with this project ? I am interested as I may e adding more power to my car in the future and want to understand the exent of parts and in this case, Auto Boxes i would need to collect. I believe that a 550ft/lb modification may meet my needs but If a 650ft/lb option is available then i would look at the cost/benefit
  10. A friend of mine with a Nur Spec should have a new exhaust coming this week if your still looking
  11. I get your point, for me, for the sake of £100 it gets you very near the point and you might need som minor modifications
  12. Whifbitz do a two pipe set up for a single turbo application. https://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/toyota/supra/intercoolers/garage-whifbitz-3478.html
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