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  1. Look at that complicated wood layout inorder to get it off the transporter !!
  2. Maybe worth speaking to Jake ( Ripped_fear ) as he ran an event through Wales and has some routes and research he might be willing to share
  3. Are there any other symptoms ? What are the non starting issue ? Dead or a Click ? I would say a battery or Earthing issue. Put a jump lead between the Battery and Engine and see if it starts to rule out earthing.
  4. One other thing to check is good with non-starting is the earth strap connections. Mine went through a phase of not starting and it turned out to be the main battery earth strap needed cleaning up, i tested it by running a jump lead from the engine to the negative terminal
  5. I really enjoyed it as an opening race, mainly to see how everyone got on in new teams. My thoughts: Vettel wont be getting any better then last year Ricciardo & Sianz will probably find their feet in couple of races and be up there with their team mates Mazipin has earnt his new nickname very quickly Yuki Tsunoda is brilliant although lets not forget he is still in an Alpha Tauri Overall I think the midfield battle has only intensified for the season and Merc will have some company up front
  6. I would rather fit a Febest £60 New one then a second hand one, At least Febest are a reasonable OEM/Aftermarket manufacturer
  7. I recently replaced my chris wilson pads with what i believe to be EBC pads. I will re ordering chris wilson pads shortly.... they have a confidence inspiring pedal unlike the EBCs that feel very wooden
  8. This is useful for me and my supra mates, I live in Taplow and they live in Princes Risborough and Aylesbury
  9. There was a thread a while ago where someone went down from a 285 to a 265 or something similar and they said they enjoyed the car more. I am BPU @ 416bhp and run a 255/40/18 Goodyear and previously a Potenza. I do not have any significant grip issues at all, admittedly mine is an auto but it puts the power down pretty reliably in the dry and I am still confident with it in the wet. I believe it is also down to suspension, I run an Eibach spring with a Bilstein shock.
  10. Enjoying this thread even if you are frustrated with the build. Could you replace the bolt thats hitting the water bridge with a slim head one or maybe put a small counter sink in the superchrger casing and use a counter sunk torques bolt ?
  11. I saw two in one day the other Sunday, it inspired me to go out in the mkiv for a drive. One yellow one and one white one
  12. The powder coating looks great There seems to be a few stock twin Turbo parts in there.
  13. Is this turbo running out of steam towards the top end of the graph ? A friend of mine has a T51r on a built 3.0 with 269 cams, i dont have a graph but at 1.4 bar it was making about 640hp at the hubs at Abbey Motorsport. He has bought the turbo not for response just for the noise and the spec list porn
  14. Honestly thought it was going to be outside your house or something. How did you come across it ?
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