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  1. Was me who pushed you into that! Glad you got a reasonable figure!
  2. Hi, Still looking? I have my Supra for sale…. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202104291983626 cheers
  3. Yeah I know too, as I went to his house to collect the car afterwards - complete arse!
  4. How long did it take to sell mate? I’m 36hours in and want to hunt a few people and hurt them
  5. Nice mate, shame the rest of the world doesn’t have the same outlook
  6. Not my fault the Dutch sign posts are rubbish think I did far worse on that trip, seem to remember getting stuck on a roundabout, going the wrong way and then using the pedestrian crossing to cut back to the road I needed to be on..... don’t judge not the cars fault
  7. Through consultation with a number of members who in my opinion have a great deal of knowledge and experience in buying/selling and working on Supra’s..... yes it’s a politicians answer but up to them if they want to be named....
  8. It’s just a shell! People really get too hung up on this.... unless you have a completely OEM car then quite honestly it makes very little difference, I’d rather a NA shell than a TT engine and turbos that have never seen a rebuild etc....
  9. More detail would help, but generally with Facebook if you use a phone and are on the part that’s “the problem” if you shake your phone is will bring up a “report a problem” dialogue
  10. Updated Spreadsheet - if you are missing shout up [emoji1303]
  11. I’ve got WiFi working over 1.2km so you should easily be able to do what you require..... it might be worth putting up a simple diagram showing distances and heights, if you mounted a WiFi dish on the house you should be able to pick up that signal in the stable block..... what you need to consider though are the obstructions, such as trees etc.... PM me if you want Rob
  12. RobUK

    PDF files

    Ok so you go into your web browser (I use Chrome, others work similar) select what you want to "appear" on the page and then goto "print" from the File/Action menu (browser dependant) once you get the print box you can select what to print (i specified that only what i had selected was printed) you can change the options on printing graphics/backgrounds and if its portrait/landscape etc.... then the main thing is to change your printer from your local HP/Epson or whatever to a PDF file, normally you will have at least one "PDF Printer" chose this, then click print, you should then get the opti
  13. RobUK

    PDF files

    Like the attached?
  14. SRD would probably be the closest/best option
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