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  1. The import TT Auto is top of market at £30k so you should be able to find ones comfortably under that price. NA's you probably recall those at £2k, well there isn't much around for under £10k these days with most now looking at the £15k price point. So, unless you crave the NAT power then you might find the TT auto is the best way to go and it'll only go up nicely in value over then next few years whereas converted cars are a bit more of an unknown in that regard.
  2. When I replaced all my suspension with new OEM arms, OEM bushes and also new Bilstein shocks finished up with new wheel bearings I think I could say its riding like a new car would (except maybe for the coil springs which are still the original ones) and the ride became a lot smoother and quieter over rippled surface dressed roads than it was before the entire 100k mile setup was renewed. Comparing the new to old parts though the only differences I could physically discern was with the two rear diff bushes that appeared to be quite a bit softer than their new replacements. Its probably n
  3. You can still buy these from Toyota and after 25 years its probably best to buy new ones with intact springs and clips while they are still available. https://www.amayama.com/en/part/toyota/4260314320
  4. Nothing like bringing an old thread back to life using more modern technology. I just changed my steering fluid using a Sealey vacuum oil extractor that is one of the lazy ones pulling a vacuum off the air compressor rather than the hand pump variety. All in it took 10 minutes to set up and 3 minutes to change the oil and a couple of minutes to get things back together and clean. I drained the reservoir using the extractor and then removed the top return hose. There are several pipes of varying sizes that come with the extractor and one went on the reservoir that I suspended the loo
  5. That looks very facelift to me unless my eyes deceive me.
  6. All insurance companies are doing strange things like the policy cancellation fee, of up to £60 I've read. I sold my Merc towards the end of a policy period and phoned the insurer to ensure there was no auto renewal. I never said I had parted way with the vehicle, to avoid any potential cancellation fees that it is unsure from the small print if it would be recovered by the insurer if it exceeds the residual period credit. The bod on the phone interrogated my for quite a period with 'are you sure you haven't sold it?' and 'is the car still in your possession?'. I declined to answer these irrel
  7. rider

    Audi Q7

    I have heard bad things about the auto gearbox from a higher mileage Q7 owner but that is nothing new or original with ZF boxes of a certain mileage. Happens in all cars that use the ZF particularly 6 gear but also to a lesser extent the 8 speed auto boxes. Although they are factory sealed for life if they have had an oil and filter change at 80k miles they will likely last a lot longer than if they don't. So the word is if you buy a car using a ZF auto transmission change the oil if it approaching or over 80k miles even if the previous owner says its been done. Only costs about £150 in oil, g
  8. There is a set in Ireland offered for £400. I'll check my shelves over the weekend and if I have two sets I'll send you a PM with offer on one that will be much closer to what i paid for them than £400. These used to be pretty much give away when everyone was desperate to fit the facelift lights, how things have changed in but only a few years.
  9. That write up is getting a bit old now, hopefully someone can give an fresh update on their phone and email journey sometime. The thing I especially like about Hagerty is they work with you based upon your own circumstance. My policy states that the cars I have must be garaged overnight when at home, obviously not if you are away visiting or on holiday with the car. I have more cars than garage space so they worked with Hiscox (the underwriter) to have a formal agreement that my covered and walled barn is a suitable overnight storage location. That is important as I have my ramp and tools
  10. That's a good result though must be a little sad to see something you've put a lot of work into disappear down the road. Seeing the buyer did travel a way did you get the asking price? I sold a piece of plant last week to a pair that drove 200 miles to 'look it over' and smiled when they started to negotiate the price knowing that anyone who travelled that far isn't going home empty handed. Although I smiled I did give them fuel money off seeing they were really nice people and I was asking quite a bit more than I paid for it. Maybe a smaller project next time? There is some good money to
  11. If you are staying in Shrewsbury I'd recommend the Albrighton Hussey that is located just to the North of Shrewsbury as somewhere that'd be a safe place to have the cars parked overnight. Its only a short taxi run into Shrewsbury if you want to do a few pints and curry in the centre. https://www.albrighthussey.co.uk/
  12. I was quoted £349+VAT from Toyota last year and bought one from TCB for £148+VAT that is still in the boot of my Supra awaiting fitting.
  13. Hopefully they are Supra specific as the front badge is a good amount smaller than other vehicle model Toyota bull horn badges. When I was looking to source a badge set i bought many too large Supra badges along the way. Seeing the badges are all plastic these days if you find it is oversized its an easy snip to remove any locators, the only problem comes if the badge is too big you may find it hard to centre it and completely cover the original badge holes.
  14. Those plastic caps (actually I think they were squeeze open metal clasps) were for the original emblems that has two prongs for the front and three for the rear Toyota bull horn badges. Those badges, in chrome and gold disappeared a long time ago to be replaced by stick on plastic efforts. I've spend £hundreds on sourcing gold badges (the original pronged variety) ready for if my car ever has fresh paint. These are near impossible to find now, hence my spending £250 on one NOS gold badge and £100 for another in 2016. So it's spend a fortune or just go for the £15 or so black, chrome, gre
  15. It has got a lot harder to find interested suppliers over the last few years. I've had emails ignored by suppliers that I've spent £thousands with. Note the plural. It probably comes down to falling supply of parts meaning people have to work harder to track the parts down and when they do, prices probably put a lot of punters off; delivering f all for all the leg work put in. Supra parts are no longer the low lying fruit with easy pickings and profits to be had so sellers are probably focussed elsewhere with some nice juicy low lying fruit hanging out ready to be reaped.
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