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  1. Since you posted this, almost a day ago, there has been twice as many posts about cryptomania than a car called a Supra.
  2. Don't bother with Hagerty, they only do stock or what you can convince them is stock, really, honestly. I recall that Lancaster are OK with mods and they email you an agreed value certificate too that you can stick on your garage wall.
  3. Certainly is but always worth checking there is stock before ordering otherwise there could be a cancellation with then a couple of currency exchange hits from PayPal or a credit card company.
  4. You never quite know with these bulkier items if the retailer actually stocks these or they are ship direct from the manufacturer. When I bought half a dozen from another retailer in 2017 they all shipped from Denso.
  5. I believe Keron mentioned they are coming back online from Denso in May so you might want to pin your hopes onto him to bring some in. I'm not quite so sure as more and more sites are no longer just saying out of stock awaiting fresh order, timing unknown and instead saying discontinued. Not long to wait and see though so you might want to wait a while.
  6. The Eastwood spray is the restorers go to product.
  7. A big bang and loss of power would have me looking at the turbo impellers to check one hasn't hit the housing.
  8. Its another miss for me. Sensor head is 2cm wide and 2.5cm deep which is too wide and too deep.
  9. That looks really good. If you ever find it does begin to move then a possible sticky solution could be an #2 non hardening gasket.
  10. These have only recently become discontinued so you might find some still in the supply chain if you cannot get any joy here, but best hurry.
  11. SuperSpark was an Australian company that did a lot of development work with Holden way back before Holden was destined for closure by GM.
  12. It's more a statement of economic fact. There are new people joining the forum regularly. I wouldn't have any problem in the slightest with people commenting on any sales threads I put up with legit comments like did you know you can still get the OE bit new for not a great deal more money. That helps the newbies and it'd also help me out as well if I wasn't actually aware of that fact. Helping any newbies take informed purchasing decisions is a big plus of any forum community.
  13. Oh, and the OE coils come with 12 months manufacturers warranty.
  14. Is that how they arrived, wrapped in bubble wrap? The new OE Denso packs are sealed, individually, in bags and boxed and to be brutal you can get those for not an other World amount more than you are asking.
  15. I was hoping to find the £10 sensor head that could be spliced onto the original wires or the £35 drop in so this could work though its all a little strange as most sites are listing the AB sensors as a US$300 part rather than £17. Nothing is as it seems with ABS sensors.
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