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  1. the picture in my gallery of the black car is a UK spec, sold it many years ago and forgot the picture was still in there!
  2. I recently had my TTE wheels refurbished to black with a silver rim which I think works quite nicely. Yours should sell fairly easily as they are a good fitment for the supras
  3. I have loads from the events in the 2000s on my old gaming rig at the kids house. I will dig those out too!
  4. another highlight video from a Dragonball. Cant wait to get back in to Europe next year for another one! Belgium here we come! Dragonball21 The return of the Spa
  5. The wrap is holding up well to be honest, its a good wrap and was well fitted so I hope to get another year out of it yet, and probably change it for 2023 for the 30th Anniversary of the supra being launched. I may take a look at the air cups if they work that well. I didnt want to put it on bags as I like how it handles at the moment!
  6. it is, it runs right along the wheel arch but the arch liners and proper sized wheels usually protect it. The goblin has no arch liners and 20" wheels on a widebody kit so it basically rubs everything especially when it was set so low. It looked amazing that low but couldnt even get over a reasonable speed bump. I had to reverse it out of a car park once otherwise it would have got beached on a speed bump. Its been raised up now and can get over most speed bumps.
  7. Thanks Matt. I will certainly have a chat with him. We ran a thing called DragonCol back in 2013 I think it was which was in memory or CJ who passed away with cancer so I have those routes saved up already but will tweak them as its been 10 years of learning about how best to route things. Would be great to see everybody on DB this year. For the 21st Anniversary we are going back to Brussels and Spa for the real Dragonball as that was the one we all remember the most.
  8. Once the car was handed over it became my responsibility. I didnt pay for Goblin Works to do any of the work on the car so there was no contract as such. I think if they had fitted the kit before they would have known what to look out for, widebody cars generally have to have the ECU wiring tucked out the way.
  9. At the moment I'm holding off organising anything until I see what the government do next. the plan is to do a Wales Dragonball at the end of September, starting in Shrewsbury, going down through to Elan Valley, across the Brecons via the Top Gear road and then staying in either the Celtic Manor (if they are doing cheap rooms) or drive to the Holiday Inn just outside Bristol for a bit of an evening party. We may also put in a trip to Whifbitz in the plan if I can work it all out. But I dont want to organise anything yet until I know we are allowed to travel and meet up!
  10. thought it was worth doing an update on this! So the car is still hilarious to drive, I've never had so much attention when out and about. Its had some serious issues with the ECU loom rubbing against the wheels which has caused the car a few problems to say the least. Those are all fixed now and its back to running properly! We had to raise the BC Coilovers a touch to avoid it rubbing the arch and to allow it over speed bumps. The rear spoiler struts were fitted in such a way that the water runs down in to the motor and so one has siezed and I'm trying to source another. I
  11. It's great to see everybody back again. Hows the new milkfloat going?
  12. Hi Faye, I had forgotten about the Sham runs through London. Shame we cant do that any more as the Supras have to pay ULEZ charges just to get in to London! Great to hear its all going well with Keith!
  13. and the Dragonball 2011 Youtube vide also by @ScottC
  14. morning all, This year was supposed to be a big celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the club! It was founded on 11th April 2001 after a group of us met up at Santa Pod to discuss breaking away from supras.co.uk! For the 10th Anniversary we did a huge number of amazing events. We even brought Dragonball back and drove to Lille in France, we hired Santa Pod, we went karting and the list goes on! Here is a video done by Scott to show what we did the plan was to do the same this year but that was all wrecked due to somebody eating bat a l'orange and wiping out 12 m
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