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Spring cleaning Druridge bay REARRANGED AGAIN FOR JUNE 28th


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I'm Hey lads, anyone up for an early season show? This event is organised by the same guys that organised scenestock which was a canny day out and filled a sunday with some car perving, If i can get about 10 on the list il sort a stand out with the organisers,


Our stand stood out nicely in amongst the fords/Vauxhalls/scoobys etc be good too see another good turn out, loads of different clubs are signed up so should be a good one


23rd of may, NE61 5 Amble, Northumberland



Il be there either way whether showing or not, my car might be in for bodywork/paint at that point but hopefully it will be sorted by then.



Im booking the stand this weekend, theres already a massive amount of clubs attending, with over 600 attendees already confirmed.

Please add your name too the list below if you can defintley make it


Price: £5 per car not per person, Per car so if theres two or three poeple in your car you still only need ONE ticket :)


1.safcdixon/sammy supra

2. Bossco


4.hodge/bossco GTR PAID

5.simon supra PAID


7. Stevo supra PAID cant make new date

8. Marc (Simons mate) Supra PAID

9. Nezz 92 Supra PAID






8:00/8:15 At mc'ds metro centre near toys r us, looking at the list of members it seems like the best location for everyone to meet

Leave at 8:30 its a 40/45min drive to druridge bay country park, which gets us there with 5/10mins spare for entry at our time slot of 9:15/9:30

We'll go up the spine road past blyth/ashington etc as going up the a1 requires us to turn over the A1 at one point which in convoy aint ideal, also the rail crossings on that route that can take ages. Should be a canny decent drive up,


Fellas (i know im probobly the worst for the following) try not to dick around to much as there WILL be police presence, officers from operation Dragoon are also at the event, dont give them an excuse



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I'm off that weekend and seriously considered it until I realised how close to DB it was.:(


Its a fairly short show aswell Mark, its a long drive for a short show tbh, scenestock was only about 4/1/2 hours(ish), be good too see you and the other guys come down at some point though ;)

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Bump as it was really early when i updated this, i need some idea of numbers guys, I dont want to end up with spare tickets etc


Other cars are obviously welcome on our stand aswell guys Hodges gtr is already on there so thers wouldnt look out of place either (unless its a shed or a corsa etc)

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