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  1. Ooooh I did the carbon skinning work on them years ago! Good to see them still looking the business :-)
  2. Have you got the door handles still mate and do they come with the black plastic fitting trim that goes around the bottom?
  3. Stevo

    Fresh paint

    What colour is it Mike? Looks very similar to my old supra colour
  4. Cheers Jake - have cleared some space now
  5. Bump! All going to the tip this weekend so any offer considered!!
  6. Hahaha, no worries mate. This thread is going down well...
  7. No sign of any part number on them Rob, so don't think they are. I peeled these off when I replaced them with the brushed s/steel ones. Sorry
  8. Happy to take offers on this stuff otherwise it's going to the tip at the weekend!
  9. Added as sold 1. Safcdixon (Durham) 2. MattP (Crook) 3. Bossco (Washington) sold 4. simon197911 (Hexham) 5. Stevo (Swalwell) sold 6. SupraNa (Ash) (Washington) sold 7. JK90 (Whitley Bay) sold iirc 8. Shaz2010 (Gosforth) 9. Matsi (Blaydon) sold 10. Tonz (Chester Le Street) 11. Jonny248 (Seghill) moved to north yorks 12. Hodge (Consett) sold 13. Al massey (York) north yorks 14. Mclarenross (Whickham) 15. Kitch79 (Stockton-On-Tees) 16. Qwarrior (Seghill) 17. SupraJoe (killingworth) 18. Suprasteveo (wallsend) 19. JayJay1374 (Durham) 2
  10. Wooden Covers, AC dials and screw hole covers now sold
  11. The ac dials aren't brand new Jake, but they're in very good nick! Postage for the lot would be £4, so £16 all in.
  12. Bump - new parts added and I'm open to offers
  13. Stevo

    Fuel flap

    I'll take it mate - PM me your payment details
  14. Got a few bits of plastic interior parts for sale that I was going to carbon skin but won't get around to now. All parts are used but in good condition and prices do not include postage. Please keep any interest on this thread. Inner door to carpet trims (pair) - £20 Drivers side rear quarter window surround - £20 Drivers side footwell panel (fuse cover?) - £15 Ashtray holder (not the ashtray receptical!) - £10 Clear side repeaters with orange bulbs - £10 Stock horn (top one) - £10 OEM 3 spoke steering wheel centre - £15 OEM 3 spoke steering wheel rear - £10 Wooden covers from
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