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  1. good evening all i have a slight problem with my toyota supra mk4 93 I need some advice or information on this fix which I hope is a easy fix but to get to detail i have no lights on the centre heater controls and when I am moving the temperature dial from cold or to hot I can not heat the vents opening or closing I have check all wires are connected but I am not sure if I am missing anything if you could help me please i be grateful thanks
  2. im still here but mine hasnt seen the road for 3 years but lol
  3. can sum one send me the information for the hotel we are staying at so i can book my room
  4. Are we doing a convoy to croft on this day as if we do where we meeting up !
  5. 1.safcdixon 2.hodge 3.JayJay1374 4. Ross 5. Nezz92 6. Fosta_1
  6. hey every one i know it is really early to plan this but just wondered if any one is heading to to Modified Nationals 2015 and if any one camping as it never early to plan ahead.
  7. i mite call down with the n/a to see what it pushing but it depends if i can get the little things done before santa pod in october
  8. when the dyno day on is that july sometime.
  9. hey guy is any one going to the JapShow Finale 2014 from the northeast this year as i mite have the supra sorted to go down if anyone is up for it.
  10. i be up for it even though it a n/a i like to see wat she pushing lol but i pop along more for the banter than the performance on my side hahah
  11. Fosta_1

    Cheap tyres

    it only cause there sumone selling them and asking 111.95 per tyre and wonder if any good. - - - Updated - - - it only till pay day and to get it through it mot that all.
  12. Fosta_1

    Cheap tyres

    265/30 R19 93Y XL M-POWER MARANGONI are they any good ????
  13. Fosta_1

    Cheap tyres

    hey any one know where i can get decent tyres for cheap 265/30/zr19 93y local near blyth where i can get them today.
  14. i mite be in up for castle combe as it was good last time i went down with jurgen from jm-import and his brother jean it was a good laugh but we went down the night before and stayed in a hotel over night it was a lot easy that way.
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