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  1. I might make it, but it'll be in the Mazda. Supra is still in bits. Out on the p*** on 27th so missus may be driving too.
  2. She's getting restored over the next few years. Want to know shes rust free, reliable and looks pretty. Also I may consider big twins, but not sure yet.
  3. Some small bits done but busy trying to sort the garage for the big build at the mo.
  4. Ill pop up but in summit a bit bland. Probably the mazda. So no space on the stand for me but Ill see you all up there.
  5. Stuart at AAS in Bells Close is awesome. Made my custom decat pipe.
  6. My car will still be off the road then mate but Ill pop down for the crack.
  7. Mine needs the new turbos that are currently sitting on the garage bench put in before it will go anywhere without leaving a blue smoke trail. Happy to come in the Mazda though...
  8. Either or mate, in the past it's been food and a few pints, last year was a reasonable session, normally with Hodge suggesting some all you can eat buffet and then moaning when we have to leave....
  9. You just bought it? I'll buy your gearbox if you decide to break it...
  10. Any suggestions of dates, place etc?? Is a Friday or Saturday generally better for you all?
  11. God man do you not watch Geordie Shore? "Onnit like a car bonnit"
  12. As per title? Suggestions as it is tradition after all.
  13. There is some oil on the exhaust however it's coming through the exhaust and out the back.
  14. Would love to mate but unfortunatley my supra is currently fkd.
  15. Definitely an oil smoke. Blue in colour and lots of it. I havent restarted the car since it happened. Going to give a good look over this weekend. Any suggestions or a list of things I can check to diagnose Chris? Oil usage is not abnormal but have had a minor leak from the sump gasket pending repair. Also seen a small amount of oil through the bov recently.
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