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  1. Something has come up that I wish to buy folks. Make me a reasonable offer if interested in having these.
  2. Thank you. Ideally after a set of 18s all round. I know there is a few on the forum but all depends who wants to sell
  3. Does anyone have a set of Blitz 03 wheels - Supra Fitment - that they wish to sell!? If so pm me. Must be willing to pack for shipping. Thank you
  4. Last set on eBay sold for £950 delivered. They are super expensive in Japan now with almost every set over £1k. But as with anything someone has to be willing to stump up the cash and to achieve your best price you shall need to sell abroad as UK just isn't in line price wise for parts anymore
  5. What was the price on the cluster!? Would be nice to leave prices on these adverts for future reference re values
  6. Wouldn't expect it to fetch more than £100 in the secondhand market tbh. Regardless of what they cost new
  7. Looks like it hangs very low. Is it using the OEM hangers!?
  8. You can't beat new. I've tried restoring headlights and they just don't cut it. Buy new and save yourself money in the long run
  9. Just checked my 2000 model and it's fine too
  10. I'd be in for a couple of vin plates
  11. I have pics now pm me your number and I will send via whatsapp
  12. I now have pics so pm me your numbers and I'll WhatsApp them across Thank you
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