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  1. These might not get much get much attention here but you never know... Genuine 19" 167's in pristine condition. No kerb marks or scuffs. The factory diamond cut has been refinished in black chrome, with the inners painted black. The refurb was done in May 2018. No damage, only becase the diamond cut was suffering weather marks. Sizes are: Front 8.5" et 12 19 inch Rear 9.5" et 17 19 inch The tyres are still on the wheels but they are pretty much ruined, so I'm selling as wheels only however, I can leave them on if there's any interest. Price I'm looking for are around
  2. I'd love to see more of it mate. It was in the process of being returned to stock'ish, the last I'd seen.
  3. It's my old car mate. I don't know the owner though. Seen a few pics of it on other people's Facebook.
  4. Good link that DNK. Probably the only true article out there when it comes to this issue. I'm now in an S85 V10 and it's previous owner had a 13K repair bill after the engine suffered a failure. To be fair they took the opportunity to have other jobs done hence the final bill. That said, Ellis hit the nail on the head and if the car has been looked after, you're good to go. All the scaremongering comes from the same people who just so happen to offer a repair service and after taking the best part of 2k out of your pocket, they'll tell you how lucky you were and how you "caught it ju
  5. Plate for sale V10 GRL Ideal for M5 or M6, or if any girls out there have an R8 or a lambo. It came on my car but I've another plate I want. Looking for £400. Thanks
  6. Nice one Ellis. Glad it's gone to a good home........ Unlike my old Supra. It's a capable machine and will most definitely scare the shit out of you just wait til spring comes and you can start getting the most out of it. I still can't get used to seeing it on your insta haha.
  7. Now sold thanks...... And to a forum member no less.
  8. Viewing arranged for Sunday......... Hopefully we're not 3ft under snow. Also, the chip in the windscreen is booked in for repair on 20th December.
  9. No worries lads. It's all good info for my short list of next possible cars. I've been looking at the Caymen S. You can get well spec'd cars for decent money and there's a load of bits out there to mod them. But I've never driven one yet. It's the lack of power thats putting me off a bit. They can look killer though with the right parts bolted on.
  10. No mate. It's advertised at 22K everywhere.....including here.
  11. Had no idea they recalled them for this. Funny how they never recalled the e92 for its throttle actuators. Everyone one suffers.
  12. Thanks Havard. I didn't know the E46 suffered any baering issues. I know they have vanos problems and boot floors need looking at, but apart from that, wasn't aware of any engine issues.
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