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  1. First dibbs to you filthy lot... As of tomorrow they go on the Facebook vultures pages.... Here come all the best price W****** haha
  2. It's a shame I left them unassembled for 3>4 years after I coated them as they wouldn't have little storage marks. Photo of the flaked part around one of the front calliper bleed nipples below.... And a picture of what it should look like. I suppose I could mask around and rattle it but I have too much time in these already. Its a perfect circle that fell off but with it being so many years I can't really take them back and whinge. Not my usual powder coater did these I should have waited....
  3. Hi Guys/Girls As a few of you are aware I have recently finished refurbing a full set of UK spec Callipers these were to be my spares but a change of plans means I wont be needing them. Work carried out: Strip down remove seized parts etc Black Powder Coated Half's Light hone to clean the Cylinders New Pistons New Seals New Half Seals New Bleed Nipples Pressed out the Mounts then pressed back in Again as a few of you are aware I had these powder coated a few years ago and they sat for a few years as such they have a f
  4. Yep they usually on the shelf around here I used to pick bits up same day from import car parts but they no longer stock Supra Parts.
  5. Haha Its definitely a different community since these prices crept up mind. All the leggy Supra owners want top ££££££ for rusty frankenstein shit...
  6. Also Burna is a little bitch I heard he supports Italy.
  7. My car gets driven very sparingly 100 or so miles a year and never gets a hard time. I just wanted to fit my Facelift markers so I spent a £1000 on an intercooler. 1st world problems.
  8. For £15 a pair from Toyota if you havnt done them it's best to replace. The old hard ones also cause the ends etc to crack on refitting. New ones are more supple and seal off nicely. Its something pitiful like 5>7ftlbs or NMs I can't remember off the top of my head.
  9. Also on another note I bought this full set of UK Spec Brakes that were seized pretty damn badly and have just about finished rebuilding them.. Usual stuff involved: Pins seized Pistons seized Dead boots etc Ive bought a full set of seals including half seals and new pistons then had them powder coated gloss black they got a quick hone for good measure just to clean the bores I have new bleed nipples etc aswell. Just need to clean the bolts and do final assembly and wallah spare set of UKs. Also some decals around here somewhere.
  10. The guy who did that is buried in the concrete foundations of the extension now...
  11. I order all my parts through my local Toyota (Durham) they are great although you always get one parts sales rep that belongs in the bin.
  12. I actually put the car up on stands to remove the front wheel bearings and replace them as they sounded dry on rotation when I jacked it. So all new Toyota bearings/seals/hub caps etc were acquired from my local Toyota Branch aswell as replacing the wheel threads while I had them off. And as is tradition why not powder coat the hubs and dust shields while they are off aswell. Here they are done... Also got some new stands which is exciting times as I got them free with Confused.com insurance.
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