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  1. Drop me a pm with your. Email address and I'll send you my workings out for the wiring of the plugs.
  2. Thanks guys all sorted now, just wanted a plain one to make sure it fits before getting it polished. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm after a na power steering reservoir. Anyone got one available ? Pm me. Thanks Ross
  4. I'll take this, I'll pm you. thanks
  5. Just read all this thread, great read, going to be a special car once it's finished!
  6. thanks Shawn, they are et0 and didn't need any modification, it was very close though, I did have to remove one of the weights that was on the rim as it was just catching! - - - Updated - - - Thanks, yeah maybe.
  7. Things have moved on a little since my last update, signed up to Scottish Car Mod show in July, so I’ve got my completion date… need to have it done by then. My steering wheel is now back and it really has a WOW Factor. Stevo from on the forum did the carbon work for me and Simon at Hide ‘n Seat Upholstery did the leather, both work is flawless and couldn’t be happier with the service I received! I managed to get hold of a manual gear surround, but the little connector bits were missing of the bottom, so with a little bit of strong adhesive and a bit of filler on a hole that was i
  8. Thanks Luc, (enjoyed following your build) Well probably time for another update… it’s been so blooming cold up here in the north and I’ve got another project on the go at the minute so don’t have a great deal of spare time to work on Goliath, but as its starting to get closer to the summer I’m starting to crack on with this project. So what have I been doing… well I managed to put all the engine pieces back together attached the manual gearbox and finally get it in the car. (I’ve been wanting to do this for ages!) You can’t see it in this picture, but also start piping in my int
  9. I've emailed you direct Keron. Cheers
  10. Pm me if you have one spare. Thanks
  11. measured it this morning and its about 9.2mm so I'm going to order some of that 10mm id pipe and some clips to go with it.
  12. yeah I checked eBay first, Id is about 6 mm and couldn't find anything that size. I'll keep looking cheers
  13. yeah, real quality work! thanks mate, the guy who bought the shell also bought the wing! Sorry thanks Chris, great knowledge ! I was going to use silicone hose, so I'll change that plan. I've been having a look around to find some as I need about two meters of it. Any idea where I can get hold of some?
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