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  1. Just had them out the box again yeah your right mate theyre silver carbon was over a month ago when i ordered them, i didnt take them out of the plastic yesterday
  2. £28.68 20% Off | Rear Tailgate Damper For Toyota SUPRA JZA80 1993-2002 Trunk Boot Gas Charged Gas Struts Lift support https://a.aliexpress.com/_mtL4Fyt
  3. Mine arrived today, they look great for the money involved, i got mine in white carbon because im a chav
  4. safcdixon

    Project Pesto

    Just caught up with this now mate, wow you werent kidding when you mentioned there was a spot of rust , seems about the same as the grey one i bust up for parts, Awesome work Sunny looks great so far
  5. Sounds like a well thought out plan fella, after a few of my flip supras have turned out to be absolute rust buckets its definitely a worthwhile outlay, seems theres a few poeple either gone through the underside refurb recently or doing it soon, ive just ordered a rollover jig a few hours ago to do the underside of mine, its fully stripped so the best option for me to do it at home
  6. Wow someone got a bargain Mike, i sold one last january/February for £150 didnt even advertise it either, guy came for other parts and offered that amount for it
  7. Yeah i chucked a 200 bid on the morning thinking that’ll be close as they had broken clips etc, posted this thread on here like an hour before it finished to see if they were still available new and ended up missing the end of the auction
  8. Yeah i got outbid Unfortunately, was watching motortrend and forgot about the auction finishing ive got some used ones sourced now hopefully
  9. Price on the w58 conversion please
  10. I tried selling a pair of complete, rack etc too both facelift frames for £500 last year with no luck not even a message, pleased now though as i need parts from them for my rebuild
  11. safcdixon


    Hey guys, needing a pair of door mirrors, colour and plastic condition doesnt matter aslong as they work cheers
  12. Thought that was the case mate, after i posted this i went on toyodiy to get the part numbers then amayama to search all came back as unavailable or discontinued read the facelifts are still available so might have to do some trickery with the cluster section instead
  13. Hey guys, are all of these still available at Toyota? I know the manual surround is so the guess is they are, but has anyone bought any recently that can share the pricing cheers, Marc
  14. Awesome cheers dude, ive ordered some the oem ones on mine are missing so these will fill the hole, from what i see on whifbitz the oem ones are 140£ each, so these are worth a shot at £40 for the pair
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