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  1. I think this is the problem mate! But I have had the reservoir off and gave it a clean but not sure if I may have damaged it If so would that then start returning like you said through the cap? Also I had to bypass my cooler as it burst a while ago(it was all working for a few months fine), I used fuel hose from Halfords and have now just read that those hoses sometimes break down as they can’t handle the ATF fluid which would block the system up hence it coming back through the cap??
  2. I mate it’s for a TT Uk spec. Are they different?
  3. Still having issues with my power steering fluid leaking out the cap. So I’m thinking now that the reservoir it self may be damaged. Looking to see if anyone has one spare or if they have upgraded and have a old one sitting about. Cheers
  4. Cheers just on Sunday took it for a run as I do every other weekend. Stopped about a mile from home and got some more fluid and topped it up and got home with out doing many full turns. Was pretty much a straight road. Hopefully I’ve not killed the pump but there was still fluid in when I got home just was leaking
  5. Cheers mate I’ll jack it up tomorrow, would that be turning while the engine is started? And with the cap on.
  6. Don’t no if mine being a Uk spec would matter and that’s why it’s bigger ? Not sure. Yeah I probs will as it’s doing it with both.
  7. I’ll try this tomorrow cheers been doing that but not jacked up in the air
  8. Sorry mate the new is on the right
  9. Steering really stiff to move
  10. Just after refilling it 64927374054__CEFDFAEA-B0BC-4921-9C02-529F1CF25AF4.MOV
  11. Also does it matter that the new cap has a different side indicator? Old on the right
  12. Hi mate yes even without moving the wheel! Just bought a new cap from Toyota and it still does it. Just removed the reservoir and cleaning it out as I read crude can cause this in the bottom of the reservoir. Just about to put it back on. Seemed there was a bit of shite in the bottom. But not sure it’s that. If there is air in the system when I put the new cap back on is there a way to bleed it.
  13. Lads has anyone come across this before, on starting the car the after about a minute the power steering fluid is pissing out from the cap ??
  14. Haha time passes quick sometimes doesn’t it. Anyways I’m still in need of some spacers for the front. Here’s mine from the other day. Got some brand new bilstein shocks to go on her, keeping the eibach springs.
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