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  1. Had my supra up for sale not long ago but did not have the hart to sell it. and everyone told me it was too cheap. But needs must and it will be going back up for sale soon just.wondering what it's worth It's a genuine tt 6 speed manual 1994 with 69k Engine has just been rebuilt by Hodge The cars been sprayed a non-oem colour colour. and couple of aftermarket touches to the body. Any help or guide prices would be grateful thank you Engine spec Honed bores Decked block Head skimmed New valve stem seals BC duel valve springs and titanium retainers OEM pistons and rods New piston r
  2. For sale in working order UK 2jz gte 6 speed euc[ATTACH=CONFIG]229696[/ATTACH] 225 posted in uk
  3. Hi I have a a01a diff and shafts for sale done 80 Thousand miles items are used but in working condition would prefer collection but buyer could arrange his own courier £150 [ATTACH=CONFIG]228675[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]228676[/ATTACH]
  4. This is the replacement for that one
  5. Yes it's mine mileage is correct. Seat are not the original ones I have a mint set going in next week. cam cover is not burnt I had ago at painting it not the best job. Pipework to throttle body is not on in the pic. Thanks for letting me know about the abs I forgot to put it in the add. engine work was done by Hodge.
  6. He has lost the V5 only has the green slip not too sure how this will affect it leaving the UK
  7. Wow it's at 3100 that's alot for a cat d supra have prices really gone that crazy
  8. It's fiberglass but does have some flex on the bottom. It's about 10 years old.
  9. Came from my car, swapped for a top secret one. In used condition and fit well, will need a few small repairs and painted. Foglights come with it. Please excuse the dust, it's sat for a while. £150
  10. Lockys Subwoofer Enclosure. Not sure if the sub is any good, but the enclosure is sound and solid. Fits in the boot where the stock sub / cutout goes. Also fits Aerotops with the roof in place. Ignore the piece of plastic at the bottom, used to prop it up a bit. Rare as rocking horse nowadays!!! £250
  11. Dam the driver's seat is faulty
  12. Any seat mine Is broken and can not reach the pedals lol. But not aftermarket one .
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