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  1. Wanted Cam covers and smoothed top water neck, both fir TT pre vvti
  2. Found S2000 style stubby ariel conversion kit
  3. Wanted Auto gearbox ecu - j spec
  4. Wanted NA Air box
  5. Wanted Facelift bumper side indicators
  6. Wanted clocks
  7. Wanted Rear exhaust hanger
  8. Wanted 3rd brakelight clips
  9. Wanted 1st decat 3" TT non vvti
  10. Wanted Bottom semi cirle Fan cowling
  11. Wanted Boot Struts
  12. Wanted Ns rear seatbelt mechanism
  13. Wanted Wanted veilside front bumper
  14. Wanted Pas
  15. Wanted OEM plastic radiator fan
  16. Wanted Used UK Spec Disks
  17. Found TT cam covers & Sump Kit
  18. Wanted Hockey sticks
  19. Wanted Headlight bulb retainer rings
  20. Wanted 25748-88400 ISCV valve check
  21. Wanted Rear Diffuser
  22. Wanted Dash rings
  23. Wanted right hand headlight
  24. Found Carbon fibre spark plug plug cover
  25. Wanted oil catch - strut
  26. Wanted 60mm Electronic Boost Gauge
  27. Wanted Front lowering springs
  28. Wanted ganador mirrors and bucket seats
  29. Wanted Crank Pulley
  30. Wanted Fuel pump hanger
  31. Wanted 6spd drive shaft
  32. Wanted Facelift rear lights
  33. Wanted Heated seats switch
  34. Wanted Iacv vsv
  35. Wanted SEAT LOCK (M58X3.0) GR for TEIN coilovers
  36. Wanted Front and Rear Lowering springs
  37. Wanted Facelift Front Wings.
  38. Wanted Boot tonneau cover
  39. Wanted T4 divided manifold
  40. Wanted Tyres wanted
  41. Wanted Many parts
  42. Found Jesus handle lower plastic grip
  43. Wanted 3inch Jspec TT First Decat
  44. Wanted 10an oil drain flange (female)
  45. Wanted Crossmember Sub Assembly 51202-24030
  46. Wanted Door card
  47. Found TT flexi fuel hose - Fuel filter to pulsation damper
  48. Wanted rear hub assembly
  49. Wanted NA Auto ECU
  50. Wanted TT auto transmission
  51. Found Fan shroud needed
  52. Wanted Front splitter/lip, front licence plate holder and badge/emblem kit
  53. Wanted Driver window mechanism and rear left hub assembly complete preferably
  54. Wanted Oem front bumper
  55. Found TRD wing
  56. Wanted Fuel hose - tank to filter
  57. Wanted Toyota Supra Clock
  58. Found NA Exhaust manifold heatshield
  59. Wanted Fan shroud wanted
  60. Wanted lightweight or handling parts
  61. Wanted UK spec brake master cylinder
  62. Wanted aircon front radiator and lines
  63. Wanted Hood lock assy or hood latch or hood catche
  64. Wanted Aerotop Centre Lock
  65. Wanted 18x9.5 5x100 jap wheels
  66. Wanted Sup lads an lassies after a few bits n bobs for a mkiv
  67. Wanted uk rear lights and headlights required in excellent condition
  68. Wanted ASAP J Spec Drivers Side Window.
  69. Wanted Emanage Ultimate - or swap for EMB plus cash
  70. Found Driver seat trim
  71. Wanted Black or Red Harness bar
  72. Wanted Built gte head
  73. Wanted Rear passenger side suspension
  74. Wanted Rear Strut Brace
  75. Wanted eManage Ultimate 2JZ GTE plug and play harness.
  76. Wanted Passenger Window Switch
  77. Wanted carbon rad shroud, upper engine cover and windscreen panel
  78. Wanted Stock Manual VVTI ECU
  79. Wanted Active lip - Blade only
  80. Wanted Intercooler rated to 700bhp +
  81. Wanted positive battery terminal
  82. Wanted ECU... Emanate blue... Basic ecu for a bolt on NA-T kit
  83. Wanted New v160/161 gearbox
  84. Wanted front bumper retainer
  85. Wanted On the hunt for..
  86. Wanted UK Bonnet Scoop
  87. Wanted A02B diff (from a TT auto)
  88. Wanted Engine splash guard
  89. Wanted Mkiv tt automatic uk/eu spec ecu and ignitior box
  90. Wanted Turbo manifold
  91. Wanted Fuel pulsation dampener
  92. Wanted NA ACIS Vacuum tank
  93. Wanted Cam sensor
  94. Wanted Stock 17's
  95. Wanted non vvti gte spark plug cover
  96. Wanted Manual transmission tunnel
  97. Wanted Greddy e blue
  98. Wanted Front number plate holder
  99. Wanted Door cards
  100. Wanted OSR J Spec Caliper
  101. Wanted J Spec Calipers & Disks
  102. Wanted J-spec twin turbos
  103. Wanted Defi link display and Defi BF series 60mm white lit gauge
  104. Wanted AEM V2 ecu
  105. Wanted OEM FRONT BUMPER, Hockey Sticks/skirts, headlights, passenger side rear light wanted!
  106. Wanted Rear sub frame.
  107. Wanted Centre Console Lid & Ashtray
  108. Wanted Complete 2jz TT VVTI supra engine
  109. Wanted Front wings
  110. Wanted Dash Panel
  111. Wanted Front lower suspension arms
  112. Found RMM style front lip/splitter
  113. Wanted Chris Wilson Side Mount Intercooler SMIC
  114. Wanted Cooling radiator wanted
  115. Wanted TT cam covers
  116. Wanted 17" alloys & tyres
  117. Wanted Ecu cover
  118. Wanted Big Case LSD
  119. Wanted Catalytic converter to fit Blitz Nur Spec R exhaust
  120. Wanted TT Auto pre-facelist instrument cluster
  121. Wanted headlight rubber (not sure what it's called)
  122. Wanted Front Bumper and Bonnet
  123. Wanted Cheap Jspec Rear Calipers only for Refurb
  124. Wanted Braided lines
  125. Wanted Fuel line, filter to dampener
  126. Wanted Windscreen
  127. Wanted Floor mats
  128. Wanted electronic boost controller
  129. Found GTE stock airbox and pipe
  130. Wanted Right hand front uk caliper, possibly a pair.
  131. Wanted Door lock barrel & key or full barrel set
  132. Wanted Wheels
  133. Wanted Arp head kit and rod kit
  134. Wanted Windscreen
  135. Wanted List of parts needed - please read.
  136. Wanted Rear wheel stud
  137. Wanted Interior Boot Trim Passenger Side
  138. Wanted 44337-24020 Union suction port to relocate PS reservoir
  139. Wanted rear spoiler
  140. Wanted Various parts needed asap
  141. Wanted Pair of front facelift wings
  142. Wanted Rear subframe plus arms and hubs (ABS)
  143. Wanted Rad and bottom hose in Manchester
  144. Wanted 2JZ GTE VVTI both cambelt covers and spark plug cover
  145. Wanted R154 gearbox
  146. Wanted Aftermarket Oil Filler Cap for 2JZ
  147. Wanted Roof spoiler
  148. Wanted Dash panels
  149. Wanted Ridox Sideskirts
  150. Wanted Top section of dash
  151. Wanted Precision Turbo 6266/6466/6766
  152. Wanted Cams 264 etc for 2jzgte
  153. Wanted Original working aerial or 2000 stubby kit
  154. Wanted Autobox cooler kit
  155. Wanted Drivers seat belt and jack swivel tool?
  156. Wanted Rear Seatbelt L seatbelt (passenger side) wanted or will swap for rear R side!!
  157. Wanted carbon bonnet
  158. Wanted NA 3" 1st Decat Pipe
  159. Wanted Radiator, mudguards glass, head light
  160. Wanted Looking for a Link G4 Storm or Extreme
  161. Wanted Coil packs
  162. Wanted Brake Master Cylinder For ABS
  163. Found Rear crash bar
  164. Wanted Uk headlight washer
  165. Wanted Oil filler cap
  166. Wanted TT Idle Control Valve
  167. Wanted TT auto triptronic gear box vvti
  168. Wanted Front LEFT brake caliper needed urgently
  169. Wanted MDF 6.5" speaker inserts
  170. Wanted TTE Grand Stand 18"
  171. Wanted Steering wheel and boss
  172. Wanted Big case diff
  173. Wanted TT passenger front caliper
  174. Wanted CREAM LEATHER INTERIOR and Rear brakes wanted!
  175. Found Aftermarket top feed fuel rail
  176. Wanted pre facelift n/s pass side engine mount bracket
  177. Wanted Front leather seats or aftermarket....
  178. Wanted 1 jz or 2jz auto gear ring
  179. Wanted Front half of prop shaft
  180. Wanted Rear hubs
  181. Wanted radiator fan shroud
  182. Wanted 93 Na 1st Decat pipe WANTED
  183. Wanted Stock front bumper and side pods, hockey sticks etc
  184. Wanted VSVs Needed
  185. Wanted Wanted! Standard rear arch trims
  186. Wanted OEM 2nd catalytic converter
  187. Wanted J-Spec headlights
  188. Wanted VSV Part Number 25860-46060 Required
  189. Wanted Rear passenger side boot polystyrene tray thing!
  190. Found Driver side cloth seat
  191. Wanted ECU for TT6 93 J-Spec
  192. Wanted Pair of stock 2JZ GTE cams
  193. Wanted 19" BK993 alloys
  194. Wanted Non. Vvti spark plug cover
  195. Wanted Front wheel arch liners
  196. Wanted HKS DLI V2 twin spark ignition unit
  197. Found NA rear brakes
  198. Wanted Facelift complete TRD meter cluster + arc bov and intercooler
  199. Wanted Stock TT fan shroud
  200. Wanted Pair of front wings and bonnet wanted
  201. Wanted Facelift headlight bits
  202. Found TT idle control valve
  203. Wanted Facelift front indicators with looms
  204. Wanted Oem floor mats.
  205. Wanted Drivers side door arm rest
  206. Wanted AC Compressor
  207. Wanted Brake Pedal & Bracket
  208. Wanted Rear hatch rubber seal
  209. Found Non-VVTI GTE spark plug cover
  210. Wanted Genuine side skirts
  211. Wanted NA manifold heat shield
  212. Wanted both window switch surrounds
  213. Wanted Tein Click Assembly
  214. Wanted Rolling shell
  215. Wanted TRD facelift gauges
  216. Wanted OEM Facelift center caps
  217. Found Carbon boot lip
  218. Wanted Uk tt ECU !! hens teeth !! plus other bits
  219. Found speed cut defender / remover
  220. Wanted Seats and 18" 19" alloys
  221. Wanted Manual Gear surround
  222. Wanted Stock indicators - Jspec headlights
  223. Wanted Few interior bits. Boot plastics, stereo trim
  224. Wanted Active Spoiler switch
  225. Wanted Front sub frame cross member
  226. Found Upper Steering Column Shroud/Cover
  227. Wanted Uk big diff 220mm ring gear
  228. Wanted Passenger side mirror
  229. Wanted Both plastics either side of rear seat
  230. Wanted 6 speed gear knob
  231. Wanted external wastegate wanted
  232. Wanted Steering wheel boss, jspec plate holder and headlights
  233. Wanted Trust gReddy Multi D/a Gauge
  234. Wanted Throttle control ECU's (TRAC control) from TT auto and manual.
  235. Wanted Tt shell.
  236. Wanted power steering pump.
  237. Found Selling / buying safely on the forum
  238. Wanted r154 speedo worm gear
  239. Wanted pair of glass headlights!!!! minty mint
  240. Wanted Vvti air box
  241. Wanted looking lots off parts if you can help pm me
  242. Found W58 Gearbox and parts
  243. Wanted Rear UK Spec brakes
  244. Wanted Bomex style front bumper
  245. Found Upper dash section
  246. Wanted Supra pre facelift Jspec bonnet
  247. Wanted Drivers side pre-facelift seat
  248. Wanted Uk diff
  249. Wanted Front floor mats
  250. Wanted Ht lead clips