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  1. Great turbo makes loads of power and isn't laggy. .81 ar H cover T4 open Done around 200 miles £1700
  2. This comes with one year warranty and is as new everything has done 200 miles. Plug and play loom built by Tim which was the first ever one to be made for a supra All the syvecs sensors you could want Will include the non vvti engine loom too as it already has a look for the syvecs sensors on it. Can be used for non vvti and vvti running a non vvti loom with 6 coilpacks This lot stands me in at around £5000 £3200 takes it
  3. Hi guys, Not going to do a massive thread as I'm not on here much anymore but for those interested here is where I am at I got a single 6 speed running 700hp the car came from a ttrader on here and to be honest it was rubbish. So I decided to strip it and start fresh The idea was I wanted the best of everything for the whole car and to have something different to everyone else. Which is why I went 7675 instead of the common 6870 and I'm the first ever supra to run the corvette ls9 dbw controlled by syvecs s8. Modifications: Jun (cosworth) 87mm forged Pistons & rings
  4. Any convoys happening for this? Me and a friend are gonna head up in our supras m25/m1
  5. I've got h11 headstuds but not main studs
  6. I've got a complete unit just removed
  7. If yours sells and someone else still wants one I will sell mine for £300. All exactly the same but minus the food.
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