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  1. If yours is gone i have one in the garage too that i paid just shy of 500 for a couple of years back I would happily sell. however obviously I will wait to hear from the op before offering mine up
  2. I've been looking at this recently thinking about a change, The issue is, the Supra despite the raise in prices, is still allot of car for the money. The ones I had been looking at are the following at around the 30-50k mark GTR- Epic performance but GTR maintenance is a bit painful Audi R8- problem is your in early V8 territory not the v10 Aston V8 vantage- lovely cars but a very different car, and cant help but feel its a bit older man for me, however im still tempted Porsche 997 911- in the peasant spec price tag unfortunately not the turbo car. Ariel Attom- Just pure fun but pret
  3. North West 1. Lewmc93 - Merseyside 2. Harrypm82 - Manchester 3. Annabella - Lancashire 4. Jongilly - Cumbria 5. Jaycee1878 - Liverpool 6. Supra2jze - Manchester 7. Spunkmeyer - Cheshire 8. Ian Ian - Cheshire 9. Jak Jak - Cheshire 10. Ballsdeep - Manchester 11. herbiemercman - Clayton-Le-Woods 12. Dr_Doom - Cheshire North East 1. Safcdixon - Durham 2. Jim_supra - East Yorkshire 3. Style - Newcastle 4. Jamesmark - Yorkshire 5. Jaycm - Durham Midlands 1. Josh42 - Staffordshire 2. blythmrk - Derbyshire/Yorkshire 3. m12aak - Leicester 4. Trebor69 - Swadlincote 5. Sukhy -
  4. Invisible how? A Quick search through your past threads says otherwise considering you have had replies to every thread you have ever created?
  5. Are you talking about 10k agreed value? Ive never had an issue getting the agreed price no matter what ive asked with sky. My tt6 is agreed ad 30k and has been for 3 year. Never questioned as i backed it up with all the invoices and pictures
  6. I vaguely remember you selling that, think you had it listed on here? M42 seems to be a common choice, ive been looking at a kit currently actually but equally love it NA. Part if me is saying leave it be the other side is saying go for it. Maybe you should get another? I like the centre console deletes you can get but equally quite like having the arm rest on the longer drives. Bit torn
  7. Still lurking here. I check in every now and then, little more so since the announcement the new update isn't far away Good to see a few old faces in here
  8. So needless to say I have been enjoying the car
  9. Interested once you have a price in mind
  10. Quick update on the old 5. Made some carbonfibre hard top bolt plates. Then had the car get a bit warm on a couple of runs so, swapped the thermostat for a new one, new coolant, a second hand replacement rad and fan. And today just ditched the oem air box for an IL Motorsport intake kit. Very well made piece
  11. Darren is this your Tiptronic one or is it a normal one, if an older one I may know someone who would want it
  12. Any close ups of what rails the bucket seat is on please
  13. Theres one forsale in the for sale section mate
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