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  1. Wanted Facelift Analog Clock. Cash waiting Thanks!
  2. Wow amazing garage and motors! You moved fast building that garage It's taken me five years to build a shed...
  3. I'd certainly be interested! There must be a few others too as the OEM clocks are hard to find, especially in working condition. I'd much rather an install like yours than filling the space with a random gauge.
  4. It's that a facelift dash? Either way it looks amazing! I'd be very interested in one of those.
  5. Great find for someone, I spent ages looking for one ended up having to go with a grey one.
  6. Cheers for the offer! That's the ultimate dream mate, but unfortunately it'll be well beyond what I want to spend on the build - for now.
  7. Hi Herb, would you happen to have the OEM speaker covers?
  8. Where are you based, please say North West
  9. Cheers for the advice, I'll look into getting some off Chris Wilson or Mintex
  10. Back in a supra I see? :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Spike3.0


      Are you still in the area? 

    3. welshbuddy


      Yeah man. I’m still down in wales , 

      finally got my dream supra :) 

      chuck us a follow on insta 



      ive heard a lot of people chucking in 350z or 370z gearbox with adaptor plate ! And can handle power. 

      gte lumps are expensive these days. You could na-t yours for the price of the lump. With change left over :). 

      looks a nice project you got! 
      It’ll keep you busy haha

    4. Spike3.0


      Just added you, I'm new to Instagram but will try to keep a few Supra updates coming. 


      Life has changed a lot since we last spoke, I'm in Kinnerton now so Wales too, albeit right on the border. Three kids, dog, cat the lot, hence why Supra life had taken a back peg for a while. Hopefully you're not too far away so we can cross paths in the Supra's one day. 


      I think I'm heading down the BMW M3 transmission route, as it seems a decent way to go. Especially as having had a 350z and endless trouble with bad Synchro's (including 009) I'm going to avoid going near those boxes again. 

  11. Cheers mate, I'll let you know how things progress. I was lucky with the surround, randomly Toyota themselves popped them onto their official eBay account. Typically and sadly most were snapped up by traders and being resold for crazy money.
  12. Door cards and rear seats now installed, a couple of fixed bucket seats and it'll be almost there
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