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Whilst the warranty claims issue that you have pointed out is certainly true and would be a headache (understatement) to sort should a part be faulty, you've got to weigh up how likely it is that a new genuine Toyota part will arrive faulty or damaged (and not as a result of a carrier mishap), versus the savings that can be had over Toyota UK's pricing. I'd say that the risk versus reward is extremely low.

Also, the likelihood of a genuine new part failing during Toyota's parts warranty period (which i believe is 12 months) is also very low, and given that many Supra's are now being driven much less/ taken off the road for winter etc, the likelihood of a part failing within that 12 month period is much reduced and so even if the part is bought from Toyota UK or any other UK trader there's a good chance the part would not be covered under warranty anyway unless the part fails immediately or within a few thousand miles.

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