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  1. Really sorry to hear you've fallen foul of this unscrupulous individual. I hope you can get your engine back, or at least some money.
  2. If the sale doesn't go through with m12aak I'll take this.
  3. Looking good Russ. I'm really tempted to get my car resprayed in Lambo Grigio Avlon as it's a tough grey to beat.
  4. What steering wheel have you got?
  5. They cleaned up well. What decals have you managed to get?
  6. Took the afternoon off. I'm on leave next week so was struggling to motivate myself. Thought I'd go work on the Supra instead. Yes, that is my garage. All the parts used on the front subframe are brand new except for the two main subframe components and the refurbished ABS sensors.
  7. Nothing this weekend, but I did build both front hubs this afternoon and loosely attach them to the subframe.
  8. I've messaged them asking if this is an error.
  9. No. I've not gone back to them yet. But they have reviewed it as part of the part availability checks.
  10. Well I put a £1500 parts order into Amayama to see how it faired. I declined payment subject to stock verification. I'm glad I did as about 15 items are delayed by 30 days, but not discontinued, and they wanted £600 for postage! It was only nuts, bolts, clips and and a few smaller parts etc. No big heavy items at all. I don't think I'll be proceeding. I'll take my chances with a UK supplier.
  11. I've got a Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra. Might be a bit OTT for your needs, but it is an amazing bit of kit. I've got the 12v 30A model. Sterling Power Link
  12. Finding this level of rust and damage a few years back would have attracted a lot of shock. However, there have been a few cars in the last few years in what appears to be worse condition being brought back from the brink. It's definitely worth the effort and keep up the good work.
  13. Thanks A mixture of TCB Parts and Steve Manley at Oxford Toyota.
  14. A couple of additional videos of some HVAC motor tests. 20210509_154307_2.mp4 20210509_154307_1.mp4
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