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  1. Do you have a multimeter? If so just take a resistance reading across the two terminals of the plug on the sensor. Resistance should be between 0.7 and 1.7 K ohms.
  2. What's the resistance like on the sensor. Is it within OEM tolerance?
  3. A spacer would definately work then. Someone with a 3d printer could make a suitable spacer for this? Alternatively, I note the fixing bracket is a metal part attached to the plastic body. Does this slide off and could it be replaced with a modified metal bracket?
  4. Exactly how long is it? Are we talking mm or cm?
  5. Looks like MVP Motorsports might have some. MVP Motorsports
  6. I think the Eastwood resurfacer is the only long term reliable product for plastic restoration. I don't know about its use on rubber or in engine bays.
  7. So I took these from a brand new rear offside facelift ABS sensor. Resistance was 1.07 K ohms. That is within the manual tolerance of 0.7 to 1.7 K ohms. Cable length 1.2m Sensor body diameter is 1.7cm Seansor body depth 1.5 cm. Sensor nipple protrusion an additional 2mm.
  8. I'll try and get these measurements for you later today.
  9. Ha, yes. You're not wrong. They are a pain in the posterior to remove.
  10. Thanks mate I'm still working on the HVAC at the minute. I plan on elclecteoplating all the brackets next week. I'm making templates for all the valve / flap door foam peices which I'll look to post up at some point too.
  11. Most of the remaining front end parts came through yesterday. I'm still outstanding a grease cap for one hub and a few nuts and bolts. But this should allow me to rebuild the front subframe. Only original parts being reused are the ABS inductor rings and the main steel, Ali subframes and Titan anti-roll bar (I've got new brackets and bushes). I now need to get the subframes sent of for cleaning and powdercoating. Front steel subframe will be galvanised first.
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