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  1. Hi all, I'm in the process of buying all the parts needed to convert my supra from w58 to r154. Right now I'm trying to buy the clutch release hub, bearing and washers but looking online I'm getting two sets of part numbers for the washers. 90560-50001 96152-00500 90560-79001 31264-14060 90520-75001 90206-12006 Or 90201-45023 90201-71001 90206-72001 90520-67001 96152-00450 31264-14040
  2. Just sent you a pm.
  3. Thankyou i sent him a message this morning
  4. Hi all, I'm after a pair of side skirts if anyone is selling. Oem or ridox preferably.
  5. I'd like to hit 600whp but I'm not too bothered if it's just under. I'd like to keep as much driveability as possible, I've been told some of these high power Supra's are a bit laggy to drive. What's your setup?
  6. Great post @Mike2JZ that's alot of useful information. Regarding upgrades that is something that will all come in time. Right now I'm just looking to build the engine suitable to reach that power later on. The only thing i put off buying was the pistons for the above confusion. @Style are you happy with it? Or would you change if were to do it again?
  7. I have no idea tbh, what setup would you suggest? Sorry i meant 600bhp at the wheels.
  8. It's a GE engine but GTE pistons. The reason for 9.0CR is due to recommendations really from a few people. Power wise I'm hoping for around 600bhp. Its currently 490 at the wheels with Whifbitz na turbo kit, r35 coils, 775cc injectors and a link ecu.
  9. Hi all, So I shall be getting my na-t engine rebuilt soon as was wondering which headgasket to use. I'll be installing CP 9.0:1 pistons but I don't really understand the compression ratios and 'squish' Any advice on which HG to use? Thanks
  10. From what I've read grams are very hit or miss. Whifbitz is the safer bet.
  11. Thank you all for the replies.
  12. Hi all, I'm looking to get the bottom end rebuilt on my 2jz. I think I'm going to go cp pistons and manley h beams, along with king racing washer and bearings. Arp studs aswell of course. Could i get some recommendations on who/what garage to use, closer to the midlands/staffordshire the better. Or even if it's worth having a go myself? Cheers
  13. So I took one headlight out, stuck it in the oven to completely dry it out and resealed it. Over the week there was a patch of ice stuck to the headlight. I wiped it off and its left condensation in the exact shape the ice was
  14. I'm tempted to get some Corsa VXR seats retrimmed and fitted. Not sure how difficult that would be.
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