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  1. Wanted ksport big brake kit front and rear
  2. Wanted Catchtank for the Crank case
  3. Wanted 2JZ GTE engine
  4. Wanted 46mm precision wastegate
  5. Wanted Seat
  6. Wanted 2JZ Engine - Not fussy
  7. Found Heater Controls
  8. Wanted Autobox (TT)
  9. Wanted Rear facelift lights
  10. Wanted Shock absorber kit
  11. Wanted Like New/Mint - Toyota Supra Headlights (1995 J-Spec)
  12. Wanted Front Seats - Toyota Supra RZ-S
  13. Wanted GTE Head
  14. Wanted Wanted - facelift headlights
  15. Wanted 2JZ-GE Engine
  16. Wanted Pre facelift stereo and loom
  17. Wanted Alternator and lower cam belt cover wanted
  18. Wanted Rear boot brake light LED strip needed
  19. Wanted Slim supra boss kit wanted - ideally NRG
  20. Wanted Facelift n/a LSD
  21. Wanted Heater control unit
  22. Wanted Facelift Odometer
  23. Wanted Active spoiler blade and switch
  24. Wanted 2jz gee vvti ecu wanted
  25. Wanted Rear roll cage
  26. Wanted TT auto Jap engine loom or swap with my manual TT 6speed loom
  27. Wanted Spark plug well plate for 2jzgte or ge
  28. Found Ignition Coil Pack
  29. Wanted Price for J-spec auto N/A ecu
  30. Wanted Fuel guard cover / protector
  31. Wanted TT V160 slave cylinder wanted
  32. Found Black bonnet
  33. Wanted Fuel and temperature clock
  34. Wanted Do-Luck Rear Tension Set
  35. Found 4" exhaust SS or Ti
  36. Wanted I'm after some interior parts. And bolts/nuts. They must be in vgc.
  37. Wanted alternator
  38. Wanted Supra mk4 driver side front headlight
  39. Wanted 2jz vvti oil filler cap
  40. Wanted Door cards
  41. Wanted N.A. 2nd CAT
  42. Wanted Facelift Jap Spec headlights
  43. Found all sorted thanks
  44. Wanted Drivers door switch
  45. Wanted W58 conversion parts
  46. Wanted PnP Piggypack and Injectors
  47. Wanted Cut off fuze box with bit of wires
  48. Wanted 2jz ge ignition coil
  49. Found Confetti Recaros (OEM SR2)
  50. Wanted Trd wing carbon blade
  51. Wanted UK Front brakes
  52. Wanted Front number plate holder
  53. Wanted New ARB's
  54. Wanted Stock lower front bumper lip
  55. Wanted Rear lower control arms
  56. Wanted Hubcentric wheel spacers 25/30mm
  57. Wanted W58 prop
  58. Wanted Clutch master cylinder
  59. Wanted n/a manual or auto open diff
  60. Wanted BPU parts
  61. Wanted His filter
  62. Wanted Clutch pedal
  63. Wanted Manual gear surround console
  64. Wanted Dials/Gauge cluster TT manual
  65. Wanted Supra twin turbo fuel pump
  66. Wanted Crankshaft position sensor
  67. Wanted Various parts needed
  68. Wanted Vvti power steering pump
  69. Wanted HKS A/F knock monitor
  70. Wanted W58 propshaft
  71. Wanted Pre facelift door card handles needed
  72. Wanted Oem passenger sideskirt and drivers side rear spat
  73. Wanted Rear suspension cowls or might be called dust covers!
  74. Wanted Parts Cleaner
  75. Wanted Stock front bumper
  76. Found Carbon spark plug cover
  77. Wanted decat pipes
  78. Found Any alloy wheels that clear UK brakes
  79. Wanted Wanted 5' air filter
  80. Wanted GENUINE Super Spark Coils Pack Non-VVTi 2jz
  81. Wanted Rear abs sensors
  82. Wanted Rear lights
  83. Wanted OEM Rear Spoiler
  84. Wanted OEM facelift front bumper indicators
  85. Wanted Wanted both number plate light units
  86. Wanted Pre facelift rear spats
  87. Wanted W58 full gearbox conversion kit
  88. Wanted A340E trans filter and cork gasket
  89. Wanted Emanage for naT build
  90. Wanted Wanted A340E
  91. Wanted 264/256 cams for 2jzgte
  92. Wanted Syvecs cal switch
  93. Wanted Facelift red rear side marker x1
  94. Wanted Supra mk4 wings
  95. Wanted Stock tt injectors
  96. Wanted Uk headlamp washer jets
  97. Wanted R154 gearbox
  98. Wanted non vvti ge engine
  99. Wanted Face lift headlights and rear lights + TRD half carbon wing.
  100. Found Is this oem uk spec radio
  101. Found Is this oem uk spec radio
  102. Wanted Crank pulley required Urgent
  103. Found Dash Dimmer Switch
  104. Wanted Oil Cap
  105. Wanted Facelift rear lights and looms
  106. Wanted 19" wheels, anything considered
  107. Wanted WANTED - Power Steering Rack
  108. Wanted 6 speed flywheel bolts - used or new
  109. Wanted NA Exhaust
  110. Wanted TT exhaust
  111. Wanted Door card bolts, Headlight loom, Bonnet rest stri
  112. Wanted Clear indicators
  113. Wanted Clutch pedal spring.
  114. Found Front bumper
  115. Wanted TT O2 Sensor
  116. Wanted Rota Force Wheels
  117. Wanted doluck rear undertray/defuser
  118. Wanted Vent passenger side
  119. Wanted Aftermarket Exhaust system
  120. Found 6speed Clutch master cylinder heatshield
  121. Wanted Battery cover/sleeve
  122. Wanted 2x Hub Grease Caps
  123. Wanted A single 1JZ piston
  124. Wanted Clutch for na-t
  125. Wanted Looking for Multiple parts
  126. Wanted Small bracket that holds the fan shroud to the rad
  127. Wanted Drivers seat
  128. Found Space Saver Wheel & Tyre
  129. Wanted Oil cap
  130. Wanted J spec slider pin and bolt
  131. Wanted Supra side skirt and wings
  132. Wanted Supra seat rails/subframe for Recaros
  133. Wanted Boot plastic screw covers
  134. Wanted V160 Clutch
  135. Wanted Suspension top surrounds (rings)
  136. Wanted Wanted Full lock set
  137. Wanted OEM Front Bumper - Lower Plastic Lip.
  138. Wanted 2JZ GTE non VVTi Throttle Body Gasket
  139. Wanted Manual gearbox interior panel
  140. Wanted Passenger oem sideskirt
  141. Wanted Pre face lift engine mounts
  142. Found Supra Hoodlock
  143. Wanted 1 and 2 decat pipes
  144. Wanted Vent passenger side
  145. Wanted W58
  146. Found Aftermarket Injectors
  147. Found Facelift NON-VVTI TT6 speedo
  148. Wanted 3inch Decat
  149. Wanted Oil pressure gauge
  150. Found Link G4 standalone ECU
  151. Wanted Idle Control Valve
  152. Wanted R154 gearbox Wanted
  153. Wanted Bonnet,bumper, wings,lights
  154. Wanted Good condition 6speed flywheel
  155. Wanted Oem wastegate housing elbow
  156. Wanted Jdm Turbochargers
  157. Wanted window motor
  158. Wanted Oem uk spec radio
  159. Wanted Rear black leather seats
  160. Wanted Na torque converter wanted
  161. Wanted Windscreen wanted ASAP
  162. Wanted Dead pedal
  163. Wanted Active spoiler lip
  164. Wanted Do Luck Bumper
  165. Wanted Copy trd dial faces
  166. Found Dash wanted
  167. Wanted Turbo coolant pipe
  168. Wanted 2JZ-GE coolant temp sensor
  169. Wanted Bare shell / crash damaged breaker
  170. Wanted looking auto spoiler switch and slip control switchs
  171. Wanted Boot plastics wanted
  172. Wanted Bumper strip
  173. Wanted Front subframe U-bolts wanted
  174. Wanted Heated seat switch
  175. Wanted Cloth drivers side electric seat wanted!!
  176. Wanted In urgent need of A01b or A02b
  177. Wanted Seat rails for aftermarket seats
  178. Wanted Wheels for the supra
  179. Wanted 17" or 18" wheels
  180. Wanted Diff casing
  181. Wanted Boost, atf and oil pressure gauges
  182. Wanted Front and rear Toyota badges
  183. Found New Manual auxiliary belt tensioner
  184. Wanted Front and rear floor matts.
  185. Wanted Apillar gauge pod or another gauge pod specific to supra
  186. Wanted Uk spec rear brakes.
  187. Wanted Standard Front an Rear suspaension Top mounts?
  188. Wanted Front bumper any condition and hatch glass
  189. Wanted Brake master cylinder
  190. Wanted Oem wings any condition
  191. Wanted Ge intake runners
  192. Wanted Passenger Interior Vent and Drivers side interior duct.
  193. Wanted Viscous fan shroud
  194. Wanted Ssqv hks bov
  195. Wanted NA-T Capable Clutch
  196. Wanted Syvecs ecu
  197. Wanted Bracket engine
  198. Wanted 3rd brakelight clips
  199. Wanted OEM 3 Spoke steering wheel
  200. Wanted Pre Face lift rear light
  201. Wanted Oem factory or aftermarket seat rails to fit recaro confetti
  202. Wanted Front jspec numberplate bracket
  203. Wanted Ge exhaust gasket
  204. Wanted ht leads for spark plugs non vvt
  205. Wanted 5 speed flywheel bolts part No 90910-02103 (x8)
  206. Wanted R154 parts
  207. Wanted Rear anti roll bar.
  208. Wanted Oil pan flange (turbo oil drain)
  209. Wanted Uk/eu spec rear bumper wanted!
  210. Wanted HT leads supra
  211. Wanted Euro spec rear differential pump and accessories
  212. Wanted Front wheel arch liners
  213. Found Pre-facelift Plastic Radiator Shroud
  214. Wanted Bride Seat Frames
  215. Wanted Passenger vent (one to the left of the top box) .
  216. Wanted Ao1b differential wanted mk4 supra
  217. Found Steering wheel cowling
  218. Wanted Window motor etc
  219. Wanted Uk/euro bonnet vent/scoop
  220. Wanted Vvti 2jz-gte + wiring (engine and body) + ECUs
  221. Wanted Bonnet padding, indicator, dimmer switch, interior handle surround, ashtray etc
  222. Wanted Top secret bonnet
  223. Wanted Second decat wanted for j spec TT mkiv
  224. Wanted 2JZ-GE Supra sump
  225. Wanted Stock confetti recaro sports seats with recliner
  226. Wanted WANTED - Na gauge cluster
  227. Wanted Oem twin turbo airbox
  228. Wanted carbon bonnet
  229. Wanted Working analogue clock.
  230. Wanted Wanted: wheels to fit over uk spec brakes
  231. Wanted Front bumper lower brackets
  232. Wanted Engine ecu
  233. Wanted Desperately need UK spec E.C.U
  234. Wanted Rear subframe tower bushes and rear bolts
  235. Wanted JDM TT6 RZ Steering rack
  236. Wanted Door cards
  237. Found TT igniter
  238. Wanted GE Manual ECU
  239. Found NA-t kit
  240. Wanted Looking for an auto jspec TT ecu must be known working
  241. Found Battery clamp
  242. Wanted Front impact bar
  243. Wanted r154 to convert my mkiv
  244. Wanted Pre facelift Rear Lights
  245. Wanted fan cowl for TT
  246. Wanted Wanted - Inner wing cooler vents
  247. Wanted Handbrake Handle
  248. Wanted NA-t parts
  249. Wanted Air filter cover for TT
  250. Wanted Uk spec bumper jets