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My Lexus RC-F


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As I have a life time membership and like hanging around on here, thought I'd start a thread for my new car 🙂

Picked up my RC-F Saturday morning, after a few days of ownership, I could not be happier. 

After mainly having older Japanese cars this is my first trip into newer territory. 

I love how smooth it is, power delivery is great and all the gadgets are amazing! 

Few little bits I want to change, personally I think it sits a little high and it needs slightly more of a V8 burble. Also want some different wheels to show off the huge brakes. Will track the changes here. 

Also, managed 35mpg on the way home on the motorways! 😄





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On 12/6/2021 at 1:32 PM, ben_harmer32 said:

Thanks guys! After 3 weeks of ownership I could not be happier, don't even slightly miss the Supra. Ordered a few bits in the black Friday sales coming from the states, and on the hunt for lowering springs. Will update soon 😄

Power or aesthetic bits ?

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Maxton Design Splitter kit.

Came with all the bolts and fitting instructions but will get it done by a professional for piece of mind. They are ABS plastic so plenty of flex as well, was what I was wanting after using fibreglass products on the Supra and them always breaking. Got protective film on in the pic, they are gloss black so should have that OEM feel/look. 


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Wow great car tbf i was looking at them for the last weeks (also ISF) and im quite sure that would be my next car if i ever decide to sell Supra. Love the sound of V8 how the car looks realiability and im suprised how 5.0 V8 can have a better mpg than 3.0 2jz. Enjoy it 👍

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42 minutes ago, Spunkmeyer said:

Oooh would you look at that!

bought one too just a few days earlier. So I’ve no need to put another RCF thread up, I’ll follows yours instead 😂 

Lovely cars. Upgrade on the ISF. Oh and check out my MPG from the drive home



Awesome!!!! 😄

have you found yet that you get better MPG around town etc. if you actually put your foot down? It's odd but true lol

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