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  1. It's a little bit harsh!? They were always last in the queue so the oldies and more at risk could get protected? It's only been a few weeks that they've be eligible? (from 18th June?) and now the countries opening up before they've had a chance to get jabbed (certainly their second) so what are they meant to think if authority are doing that? So a bit rich to call it selfish? They've all been told to continue school, college and Uni all through everything and people are labelling them selfish, they've largely done as they were told for the benefit of others more vulnerable?
  2. I'm not sure why I've tended to swap, it sort of reignites the fire/interest I think. Initially it was the progressing from small engined bangers when I was young and insurance was an issue, then some mildly sporty cars to the leap to the Supra. I think I like the chase of a value purchase, the window shopping and potential gem spotting, I like to think I can spot wheat from the chaff (doesn't always work!) and gravitate to the currently unloved whether through badge/age/looks/reliability. The Supra was for years (badge), the BMW 6 series was marmite from new (looks) and seen as a bork fest (h
  3. Well you can hold the zombies , but yes I agree it has potential to be nursed through more years and the bits are cheap and plentiful as there is zero demand for something so old and 'tragic' lol. Will test even my Kudos/self respect meter over time I think but it's fun for now. I'm only the third owner, the lady I got it from had it nearly 20 years!! and it's had over 15 oil changes in its 90K miles. Apologies to Matt for the thread diversion.......be really good to see that Supra completed, I doubt there is another Supra the owner has put so many personal man hours into.
  4. It's very good for it's age yeah, little simple non interference 7afe lean burn lol! Just an 'of the era' Toyota to pootle around in Yeah 6 series is ok, it makes me nervous though, CCC (idrive/display thing) needs to be sent off to repair, cam cover seals to do (they are renowned for leaking oil and coolant), most small jobs are a mission on it but I still rate it as one of the few value for money V8's left It's a good mix, although a fresh import Caldina with a minty underside caught my eye the other day tempting me back to 100% Toyota!
  5. Billy, I remember yours from the old Cobham meets, glad you never sold it in the end.
  6. Not as underwhelming as my new acquisition! What a beauty Nice to have something simple and with a roomy engine bay to have a nice tinker, and a 'lovely' contrast to the Supra. As for 'tech' er it has electric mirrors and aircon R8 should be lovely I'm trying to stop my almost annual need to swap a car and the three I now have I really like, just need to shift to getting a buzz from refreshing/modding them all and not swapping all the time.
  7. Well it's sure gonna be a nice first when it does happen! Probably like riding a bike but potential relearning curve, what's your daily, anything remotely fruity?
  8. There are a couple of fuel injection fuses you can remove (replace with broken ones)
  9. Amazing work/commtiment Just for a laugh though, can you remember the approximate month/year of the last drive?
  10. For everyone one you notice or interact with there are definitely others you don't see that are happy to see one out and about. It was the Goodwood festival of speed this weekend and my route to pick up my son takes us along one of the main routes down so you see all sorts, over the years I've seen a Zonda/GT40/Mclaren F1 etc etc always loads of Ferrari's, Porsche, Maserati and Aston's, I even saw a new Supra Saturday (only my third to date). Skylines/RX7's/300zx's etc are all very rare sights these days
  11. Back in the late 90's JIC importers had nearly new TT6's in the £20K's We sort of knew, but never really knew quite, how lucky we were to get these for so cheap for over a decade. Only one of my 10 cost over £10K and none of them lost much. One of mine was a JM import auto TT, the sales invoice in 2006 was sub £7K so cost, plus shipping and duty and Jurgens profit in that so they were very unloved in Japan for years. Just got mine mot'd again recently and it was a pleasure to drive and still accelerates like many modern cars, I wouldn't swap it for a £20k anything but also not
  12. to be fair that's a possible facebook thing it defaults to KM So he's converted the KM to miles and then entered miles on Facebook and it shows as KM's
  13. Just for my own sanity, did I miss a load of posts that then got deleted? eg which Paul?
  14. You do make it sound simple, contact details in this case are an issue for Oxy so hard to get the ball rolling!? https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/small-claims/making-a-small-claim/
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