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  1. lol I'm not far off to be honest - how time has flown! I've put higher value down i guess its that
  2. that's cheap, mine are coming in st over double that but I dont have a choice so gone with it
  3. They didnt get back to me in the end, gave them over a week - they were checking the Tracker requirements but didnt give me a price which i was disappointed about. their loss cos it is a policy for 4 of my cars, all highly modified
  4. I've just gone with Classic Line who came out the most competitive but now it's a case of agreeing the value - i have views and they need to agree/challenge me. I dont plan on selling but I am keen on having an agreed value as I plan to use all of my cars this year for events even if I only do about 500 miles a year, if that!
  5. I think Supra's in UK and Europe are too cheap at the moment and suspect there will be a hike for the summer. I'm actually in the middle of trying to get an agreed insurance value for my Supras and am looking for an independent company who can value it! with R34 Prices at around the £100k mark for base models often I cant see why a well spec'ed / super clean stock shouldn't go the same direction. mine on the other hand is a bit different and pricing it is going to be a challenge!
  6. this is what i need for sure! is a tracker a requirement as standard with them? waiting for them to come back to me still!
  7. what cars and rough prices if you dont mind @Mo Reviews
  8. Thanks all - I am waiting on a quote from Reis hoping they can do me a good price as it's a few cars!
  9. Hi all, I know insurance posts have been done but now that prices are going up - who does the best cover for modified and limited use vehicles - do they agree a value (how is this determined as prices are rising) - multi-car, I have a few cars - any firms to avoid so far from research Sky | Green light | Keith Michael's any help would be appreciated
  10. hi all, looking for some stock parts : - Rear seats - rear 'door' cards and speaker - Spoiler - Wing mirrors - parcel shelf - boot lining - centre dash - rear seatbelts thanks in advance
  11. Make: Toyota Model: Supra Factory TT6 Manual Year: 1993 Facelift: Originally no – but has been updated (see details) Mileage: 36,000 Miles MOT remaining: November 2021 – 12 months Service history: Yes Car is maintained by the team at SRD – service was done around 500 miles ago and just this week the car has just been at SRD to be modified to BPU – car made a healthy 388bhp at the wheels circa 450bhp @ 1.2 Bar. SRD have added low and high boost. Car's location: West Sussex Modifications: 1993 (may 93) dark metallic grey Toyota supra 3.0
  12. selling my GT300 Top Secret Kitted made 388bhp at the wheels - BPU done by SRD this week. Engine, and full drive train has 36k miles on it! has Confetti Recaro's also VVTi V161 contact me
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