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  1. Bender

    Oem spoiler

    Sold mine not long ago for £100
  2. Very intrested on that one. Keep us updated if you decide to go for it
  3. Thanks for all the links. Private plate starts with M (its a 95 Supra) and want to transfer to 94 Supra which is M plate too it that will work out?
  4. I want to move private plate from one Supra to another? Can i do that and if so what steps i should take?
  5. I said i will only go from Hereford to Brecon but i menaged some time so booked hotel at Bristol
  6. What time you all arive on friday? As i live nerbay may come and say hello before we go on saturday morning
  7. Thanks for looking anyway on every Supra i got this Type of conectors too and connecting radio wasnt never been a problem. Anyway i got right harness nie connect everything and its not even power up
  8. That one 4 seats... I dont understand why Toyota making it 2 seater and dont even put small rear bench. There is a lot of people who need more than 2 seats and for that reason even if the like the car they cant buy it... But apart from that car was really good i had it for around 1hr test drive and was quite impress with how it sounds handle accelerate etc i would buy one for myself if it only have 4 seats...
  9. Im in for part from Premier Inn to Elan Valley or Brecon. I live 3 miles from Premier Inn in Hereford but cant do all day
  10. Thanks i got Sony 2 din unit too. Will wait for info thanks
  11. That one wont fit diffrent pattern and pin numbers
  12. I want to swap geniue Toyota radiu for something more modern. Took everything out and conectors was slighty diffrent than in any other Supra (i guess factory subwoofer fault) try to find ISO lead but its quite hard however i found something (pics in post) but it only have one conn instead of two it that will be ok? Or what should i look for?
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