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  1. Bender

    2jz gte swap

    Great will come around after lockdown. You doing swap or adding the turbo?
  2. I believe its a o2 sensor which comes to 2nd cat. I found on internet stuff called Big Boy metal filler it that will do the job?
  3. Bender

    2jz gte swap

    What about if i want to stay with w58 gearbox and clutch as i dont want to go for massive power. Im aiming for 380 - 420 BHP it will reduce the cost?
  4. Bender

    2jz gte swap

    Seen that one on youtube
  5. Bender

    2jz gte swap

    Ohh i see there is no cheaper way to do it either i go for engine swap or turbo the na engine cost seems quite similar. I was hoping to spend 6k including labor but it looks like im short 4k
  6. Bender

    2jz gte swap

    And if i want to go NA-T rotue what is the avarage cost?
  7. Bender

    2jz gte swap

    Thanks very informative
  8. Bender

    2jz gte swap

    I was thinking to do a 2jz gte swap in my na manual but got few questions as i guess few people over there already done such a thing 1. What i need to do that? Engine Harness loom ECU will do the job or i need anything else 2. Will it work ok with w58 5 speed gearbox 3. What is the avarage cost you have to pay for engine swap (as i cant do it myself) 4. Can i put VVTI engine (fe from aristo) or need to be prefacelift engine (my na is prefacelift) Thanks
  9. I would say between £26k - £28k
  10. As i been forced by my wife to reduce collection of my Supras i will be selling soon my white 1993 NA Manual after new year low mileage long mot lots of new parts changed due to my ownership (3years) More details pm me or i will update post with all details after new year Please note car has now standard spoiler Price £12.5k
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