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  1. Thanks to all the members who showed a genuine interest and had a chat with me. Much appreciated The car has gone to a new owner on the forum and I’m confident it will be very well looked after for a long long time. I’m sat in my garden with a beer, commiserating. I’m sticking around with my Track Car NA-T build. Looking forward to when the social kick starts. Got myself a replacement daily which isn’t too far from the apple tree. Will post up when that lands.
  2. Spunkmeyer


    Great thread Dnk
  3. Good shout that. Keron might have some scrappers
  4. Spunkmeyer


    This, it’s the mess it creates more so that waste. I have an older book from the same guy
  5. Not too much for good condition wheels but the repair is a yes/no moreover than price.
  6. [emoji15] no words that are helpful. Good luck with that
  7. I have 8pots up front and a 6 point cage with harnesses in an NA [emoji51] safety first lol
  8. They are 95% traders I reckon searching for people in trouble. They are negotiating on the margin they plan to make. They will be sending 10-100s of enquiries a day
  9. Thanks but I’m not after pricing advice and no pics because it’s not a sale thread [emoji106]
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