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Fantastic, it will certainly drive like new, the small damper rubbers for the tailgate I also got and also the large round rubbers for the charge air piping, very, very important because they change inside very much after so many years, so something is always a very good investment

AL Gummi 2.jpg

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13 hours ago, Chingy said:

Komplette neue OEM-Brems- und Aufhängungspakete über SRD erhältlich.

Habe meine heute abgeholt. 

Neue korrekte OEM-Federn für die werkseitige Toyota/Yamaha REAS-Federung am Auto. 



a tip for you, I got best recommendation to Hawp brake pads and I myself drive StoTec already years, they develop very, very little brake dust and have a very good performance




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So the geek I am with my OCD… this car will be exactly 21 yrs old from first date of registration next Wednesday!! and I now finally have all the parts to put this particular car back to exactly how it came out of the Factory with the following options it was ordered with. After some research and a lot of help from contacts in Japan this car back in 2001 had a total sale price of  ¥5,099,400; comprising of the following spec…….


                                 i.            RZ  6 ALFQZ-  3.0 Turbo Charged V161. ¥4,555,000 + ¥203,900 (Car Tax) + ¥80,000 (Weight Tax)

                               ii.            D6A0 - Drivers (dead pedal) Alloy Foot Rest.  ¥6,000

                             iii.            D7A0 - Alloy Driver’s Foot Pedals. ¥10,000

                             iv.            D4A0 - Foot Well Lighting.  ¥7,000

                               v.            D7A0 – Knee Support Set (Console & Door).  ¥5,000  

                             vi.            Q4A0 – Side Mud Guard Set (Side Skirts & Rear Spats).  ¥140,000

                            vii.            C0A0 - Series 2 Chrome Speedo Cluster Rings/Bezels.  ¥6,500

                          viii.              C0601 -  Radio Caste / CD Player.  ¥86,000

                              ix.            8L5 – Blue Mica Metallic (Royal Sapphire Pearl) Colour Code.

                               x.            FB20 - Black Recaro (Confetti SR2 Seats).

                              xi.            REAS Suspension (Relative Absorber System).

                            xii.            4 Pot “Large” Brakes.

                          xiii.            17inch Staggered Wheels.

                          xiv.            Carbon Fibre 370mm Steering Wheel.

                            xv.            90km/h + Active Front Spoiler (Stored -70km/h)

                          xvi.            Electric Folding Mirrors.

All of the above which I now have ready for SRD to masterfully piece back as Mr Toyota had done so some 21 yrs ago …. Excited!!

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9 hours ago, wile e coyote said:

Great right up and parts

I think I'm basically duplicating your parts list and making it easy for lee lol

Thanks mate... looking forward to getting it finished off now.

Good luck with your build... look forward to seeing your back to OEM as well 👍

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11 hours ago, Rashed said:

Seats look stunning! Who did them if you don't mind me asking? I have a set of recaros in mine that I would like fully refreshed

Thanks mate, much appreciated. It was done at Cartrim automotive in Haywards Heath

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