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  1. I'd love these but I'm not sure if they would clear my RPF1's I also have the UK front setup on mine so this would be an ideal swap.
  2. I have a set of fibreglass OEM copies if you're interested? I got them to fit to my car but plans changed. They will need paint and work being fibreglass to fit perfect
  3. What intercooler did you opt for?
  4. I'd like to attend some track sessions once my single turbo conversion is complete, I'm assuming I'll be on boost a fair bit. My target of power is about 800bhp, I think the 4" ETS is rated to about 800? If I aim for and want more power in the future the 5" ETS might be a better purchase.
  5. How much are we talking for a 5" ETS FMIC?
  6. Ah ok fair enough. Having my car garaged is not an option and I don't think it will ever will be tbh but I guess I'll be happy to accept a higher premium for this as long as a policy is available to accept this with a high value vehicle parked on a drive.
  7. So they won't agree to high valuation cars if they're not garaged? Mine is kept on my drive.....
  8. I've used Torque GT twice now for 2 of my cars and I would highly recommend them, Darren and Mike and the whole team tbh are a great bunch of guys. Also JM Imports and HJA Imports are worth looking into.
  9. Loving the new addition of jacking points, how much are they if you don't mind me asking?
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