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  1. Its around a year or so old and not had many miles put through it. I'm located in Coventry
  2. Ah sweet thanks for that bud!
  3. I'll have a 4" single box stainless steel system made by garagewhifbitz up for sale soon
  4. Any idea where I can get a set of facelift rear spats from? Ideally want OEM ones or a good set of replicas thanks!
  5. I have a set of OEM style fibreglass replica sideskirts for sale if you're interested?
  6. Rashed


    Yeah OEM SMIC from my low mile year 2000 car So you're after an uprated SMIC to run stock power?
  7. Rashed


    I'll have a stock side mount intercooler for sale soon if you're willing to collect and interested?
  8. Are facelift 17s worth around the same or more? Asking as I have a set of freshly refurbished ones with tyres and would like to know if they are worth holding onto.
  9. If anyone wants parts off it..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174448349800
  10. Have you considered the Tomei Ti 4" setup for the Supra?
  11. I've just received mine from the man himself, looking forward to seeing what can be achieved with a set of hybrid twins in my vvti car while still retaining the factory active aero spoiler Quality and work looks spot on so far....lets see how it performs!
  12. How do these fit onto the car? Via clips or?
  13. I've done loads of research on these specific RPF1 wheels. If you want to clear UK/TT brakes without requiring spacers and longer wheel studs also avoiding any arch work etc then you want to go for 17/18x8.5 et30 at the front and 17/18x10 et38 at the rear. I've just ordered a set of RPF1 18x8.5 et30 front and 18x10 et38 rear. As for tyres I'm going 245/40/18 on the fronts and 275/35/18 rear. This should have no stretch as I had the same setup on my previous wheels which were 18x9 fronts and 18x10 rears. 17s look too small on a MK4 Supra to me personally, 18s will fill the arches nic
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