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  1. Damn! Mine was a stock vvti tt6 but now I'm going single etc. Still a stock body car but the most change or modifications will be to the engine. I'd still like to value the car between £50-£60k. Will defo give Reis a call at renewal after all the hype I've seen from you Mo about them
  2. What do you reckon OTR price would be then? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply guys, Reason I ask is because my car too was imported by Torque GT back in 2018 and its a year 2000 vvti tt6 with similar miles and after seeing that one up for sale and now sold I thought I'd ask them for a valuation of the car and what it would cost for a replacement which they replied to with for me to expect £50-£60k
  4. I wonder if any insurers will accept an agreed value of £60k or more on a modified TT6 Supra policy after seeing the one at Torque GT sell which Im assuming sold for close to £60k if not £60k.
  5. Loving the new addition of jacking points, how much are they if you don't mind me asking?
  6. How much would something like this cost? Full LED cluster and HVAC if you don't mind me asking, thanks!
  7. With the CW SMIC 550-600bhp can be made no doubt but the results aren't consistent and a few hard pulls things just start to get hot from what I've seen. Tbh it is a lot to ask from such a small unit. I know I know After wanting 550whp I know the actual crank figure will be well over 600bhp after a transmission loss of about 15-20% which is a hell of a lot to ask from a set of hybrids hence the decision to go for a big single has become the way forward.
  8. Whats the fitment/quality like? Thanks!
  9. Reviving an old thread here So initially I decided to go for a set of hybrids with a CW SMIC, Syvecs ECU and all other supporting modifications i.e fueling/cams/head work. My target was to make a reliable and constant 550whp. Now plans have changed and I've bit the bullet and decided to go for a single turbo setup, the costs of going for a developed set of hybrids and then maybe having to deal with them being unreliable just could not be justified. Plus I could run into the issues of intake temps and cooling issues. Anyway as I'm looking into single turbo setups the Walton Mo
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