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  1. Lifetime membership should definitely return
  2. tayr

    Stock twins

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265353293617?hash=item3dc849ef31:g:t4oAAOSwrklhVLEk any good to you?
  3. Thanks mate, just need to get the dash all cleaned up nicely as you can't get to it once the glass is in. I think it will be complete before i know it, will leave interior out for a bit though until i get all my future proofing done (i.e. running speaker wires, reverse camera wires etc) as it's a pain to take it out again. Paint is good, i'm happy with it - will never be as good as OEM but they've done a good job. Need to get a couple little niggles taken care of then it will be perfect.
  4. So picked the car up on Friday and started putting some bits back together. I've booked the glass to go back in on the 18th of this month Firstly, i put the freshly painted crash bar back in, threaded the light wiring back through and got the rear hatch and struts back in place. After this i got the TRD Spoiler mounted and put the rear toyota badge on along with the de-wiper bung After this i fit the aerocatches on the front for extra safety. After this i cut and threaded the rear reversing camera so i wouldn't have to muck around
  5. tayr


    Just take it to a different garage
  6. tayr


    Why could they see the wires? They’re not allowed to take the car apart in the test
  7. tayr


    Hello, and welcome. I think this one may be better for you.. https://www.supraforums.com/forums/mkiii-1986-5-1992.13/
  8. cant help with the wiring but when i had this issue it was the trac ecu that needed replacing.. opened it up and the circuit board had leaked
  9. tayr

    Nissan Z

    Am I the only one who thinks the design is really boring
  10. Hi guys, Just looking for the 1 to complete a set. If you have more than one front please let me know as a friend also needs 1. Many thanks
  11. So that’s the shell, skirts and spats bonded and painted. Having a couple issues with the bumper fitment at the moment so trying to figure out best way to rectify it. Where it meets the wing it’s sitting away from the body. I think it’s meant to hook over the wing but not sure. Need to play around. By end of week hopefully everything painted, doors, bonnet and bumper back on, then back to me to start putting it all back together. These are pre flat and polish
  12. Yes i think that would be good. Also - if you have receipts or documentation with costs for the V8 Engine swap cost etc that can also be used
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