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  1. Up there with one of my favourite Supras. Lovely job!
  2. 1. Blythmrk x2 2. mwilkinson x2 3. Jackie Silver x 4 4. Ellis x3 5. 96sz 6. Mo Reviews x3 7. Josh42 x2 8. Luxluc x2 9. Wile e coyote x2 10. Soopra 11. Tayr
  3. tayr


    does High Wycombe ever get any good cars then? Or do they just buy the dogs that nobody wants?
  4. tayr


    [quote name='keron']did it have a bomex kit? got a link? justr as there was one like this which has been clocked heavily....[/QUOTE] That’s the one mate, it’s on Facebook I’ll shoot you a message on there
  5. tayr


    [quote name='AC93']I saw one on Facebook yesterday for £14,500, was silver with an aftermarket front bumper iirc[/QUOTE] I've just spoke to him about it but it's a little crusty underneath. I did make an offer of what i thought it was worth to me, with it needing a respray etc but we are too far apart
  6. tayr


    Hi Guys Looking for an Aerotop, max 15k Don't mind project as long as clean enough underneath. PM me please Thanks Taylor
  7. waited 6 weeks for a 3 minute video on cleaning. why you teasing us like that
  8. Did I see this on Facebook a few days ago?! If so that was absolutely mint! The person you bought it off is a real perfectionist I hear
  9. Id try suprasport in Netherlands, Keron, or amayama
  10. are pre-face and facelift belts different? just curious
  11. Lovely! Don’t see many (if any) of those anymore. Got to be at least 30k surely?
  12. why are they salmon colour
  13. Thats what happens with an ebay turbo build
  14. glad you sorted it mate, hadnt had a chance to check the emails yet
  15. I’ll sift through my emails at work tomorrow and see if I can find the invoice / quote
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