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  1. may sound stupid, but why would you need new glass?
  2. is that a genuine kit or aftermarket?
  3. yezzir Ah ok, i bought mine a few months back. You will need to wire in your new horn which is easy enough to do, it just slides into a pin adaptor iirc
  4. I got mine from Toyota about £15 iirc
  5. tayr

    The MkV

    14k for a 36k mile m3. Is it Cat D?
  6. I've bought a few things off him - seems like a nice guy. No issues
  7. i've always loved the look of these - i take it they're not forged or anything? Always heard mixed reviews about buying them because of that reason.
  8. tayr

    Project Pesto

    Looking incredible - did they spray the horn too?
  9. lovely! mine is pretty good underneath but would love to do something like this in future
  10. any before/after pics from those who've had it done?
  11. tayr

    Project Pesto

    great progress - i would hate to think how much all this is costing
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