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  1. Still on the hunt and accepting potential opportunities
  2. Hi, looking for a clean stock or BPU TT6 car. I am a Genuine buyer, if you are or know anyone that maybe considering selling their car please let me know. best wishes Chingy
  3. Supra JZA80- 1995- 3100cc, 967(BHP) / 944(N.m) - 211mph Wangan Originally Built by Front Row Itoh Engineering (Japan) 1998 Wangan 2.0 Improved & Fully Blueprinted by SRD 2019 Maintained by Lee @ Supra Racing Developments Engine Spec 3.1 Litre 2JZ (built by Front Row Itoh Engineering Japan 1998 & SRD Blueprinted in 2019) 8500 RPM limit HKS 87mm Forged pistons HKS Titanium Piston Rings (2019) Carrillo HD rods with CARR Bolts (2019) SRD Stage 3 Head Port and Polish (2019) Full head refresh with Toyota components (2019) B
  4. Reis Motorsport, 3yrs on and I would highly recommend them. I have three other cars with flux and will be moving them all as and when they come up for renewal. Adrian Flux’s service was a complete joke this year, Sky unfortunately just not competitive
  5. Could not get to the agreed value, which was comical as when the paperwork arrived it was for a completely different car that I also have insured with them. Great Work AF! Renewed with Reis,
  6. Adrian Flux after 6 days have stated it’s not one for them.... no issues with that just a bit poor that it took about 15 calls, 6days and 12 emails to get there. Sky in their defence after 3 days I have now got through today, let’s hope they don’t make such a meal of it as AF! Reis, great service and will probably sign up with them for the 3rd year on the bounce... just made the dreaded decision to shop around. Also anyone with enough strips on their sholder can they correct my mis key in the title, ta! (Can’t see how I can edit it)
  7. Normally use Adrian Flux, have done so for years and currently have several vehicles insured with them. At the start of the week I made the tragic mistake to try and get a quote for my Supra's renewal.... 4 days on and I must say what a nightmare. No communication between teams and you get different answers to the same questions depending on who you speak and basically not a SPECIALSIT insure? Alot of it stems to the agreed valuaiton which they appear to not have a clue how to retrieve their own emails and pass information on or make a decission. Day 5 tomorrow of the same "its a dif
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