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SRD Single Turbo Kit

Lee P

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Thanks for the comments guys, really happy with the kit.




not sure how much interest there would be on an NA-T kit but can certainly look at it.


I've just fitted a Whifbitz kit but once the power crave grows past the limits of the log manifold I'd be all over this!

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We can do package prices, hard to give exact costing with these cars as so much is added in during a build its never that simple


This is a similar design to the HKS but with more options and more upto date


Whats the difference between this and the HKS Kit?


Any deals with Kit and Syvecs fitted too?


Drive in drive out package?

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Turbo choice, 4" down pipe option, billet collector on the manifold will be much better for flow than the HKS one.


Jamie's basically got it


We are not using a billet collector but the collector design is better also manifold comes with anti crack warrenty


Options of 4" down pipe, dump pipe, stainless steel down pipe, K&N air filter, turbo options


The price on 4" DP and MP will be confirmed soon

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Is this kit just external wastegate or do you have the option for recirculating?

Any plans for a turboless kit?

Will you be getting the manifolds with the Billet collector?



There will be a recirc option so can do this if required


I can sell it without the turbo if you want to source a different one


No we wont be using the billet collector

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