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  1. mike33

    Fast9 meet

    Hi guys just wondering who's up for a fast9 film meet at bluewater we did one for fast8 and was thinking if we did one for fast9! Cheers
  2. Hello matey I think Keron has a TT areotop for sale! Might be worth asking him! I got My GZ areotop off him a few years ago he's a top bloke!
  3. mike33

    2021 Calendar

    Where on the site can we order a calander
  4. I brought a m reg na areotop from Japan and it came with oem black roof lining and sun visors! I thought it was the norm but I've only seen grey!
  5. Again top guy! Mr Tuong! I was tempted and I already got one!
  6. Hi guys I have a complete areotop roof lining in grey with light! It's in very good condition. It was removed as I fitted a black one! Wasn't sure what these sorts of things sell for!!
  7. Gutted for you to see you write this! My Kreg areotop GZ I would want over 25k mines pretty mint and yours looks even minter!! These are quite hard to price though!
  8. My 2nd turbo stopped spoiling up check all hoses and vvc were all OK! I took it to SRD and found after alot of tests my fuel pump was rusty and when the 2nd turbo was going to cut in, the car was going lean and was running out of fuel in the system! Just another thing to possible check!
  9. Hi I like the jaguar f type 5.0v8 supercharged convertible! They sound amazing! But never driven one or sat in one!
  10. Cheers guys I have spoke to Gary! Do SRD make them too? But polished not sure which I may go for!
  11. Hi guys some of you have had the chrome boxes fitted covering the brake master cylinder and the abs unit! Did you have to lower the brake master cylinder abit and if you did is it easy to lower! I have seen some on Facebook and not sure to go with them! Is there anywhere else that do them I looked on garage whitzbiz but couldn't find any! Cheers guys in advance!
  12. Hi Keron have you got any monkey speedo dials or anything different!
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