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  1. Did anybody come across one or have a part number , I wonder will a LHD fit , I think they are part of the loom I presume RHD is discontinued
  2. Just trying to help, for support and reliability ; may even work out cheaper putting in a link pnp ecu and digital Hall sensors
  3. Considering majority of owners run an aftermarket ECU and the OE ECU is starting to fail with age Not consider running Digital Hall Effect Sensor, CP Racing was making a CNC Supra MK4 Wheel Speed Bracket for Digital Hall Effect Sensor These CNC brackets are meant to house a Digital Hall sensor to give a cleaner “square” wave digital signal to your ECU. The OEM ABS sensors on the MKIV are a magnetic sensor which tend to drop out and give incorrect wheel speed information to your ECU. These changes can cause a misread in traction control, gear position, rpm limit, and boost control dep
  4. DIY build no ? You spent alot of cash on parts , would not like to see you have any issues
  5. Why do you have Pistons and Rods sitting in the block prior to seating your crank and torquing down the main caps? , you want to ensure the crank moves freely before installing piston and Rods You guide the piston and rod onto the connection rod journal from the top of the cylinder via a piston ring compressor tool , stops the rings bending or breaking Why did you not put it on an engine stand when installing everything , make life alot easier measuring clearance and reduce the risk of making a mistake , damaging anything
  7. Brand: HKS Product: Racing SQV Blow Off Valve Part Num: 71008-AK004 Location UK Price 220 GBP Incl Shipping within the UK HKS original 3-chamber structure ensures the stable operation of blow-off valve regardless of the amount of pressure. Large 51mm valve performs great with high power and large displacement engines. Adjustable pre-load allows a wide range of application. [video=youtube;__B_mq-u1qg]
  8. Competition Clutch Toyota Supra 6 Speed 2JZ Twin Plate MPC Clutch Kits for around 1400 gbp , has a Hydraulic Release Bearing too Was talking to to a person on here with one and the shop buiding my car , all said smooth as butter I was looking at the RPS , but I need too many OE parts for it to work and some are discontinued now , no idea why they dont use a Hydraulic Release Bearing I had the OsGiken prior , best clutch I used to date but need to upgrade due to power increase
  9. Hi Nigel Based on a 1996 UK EUR AET RHD 2JZGTE MTM 6F (JZA80R-AJFVZW) Part number showing is 16400-46310, its discontinued I am running the Koyo rad , since 2013 , no issues ; just make sure you get it from an authorised dealer , I am sure copies are floating around on ebay UK Auto rad 16400-46320 , is also out of production
  10. Will be a while , no rush to get it back , earliest will be getting into the winter , so said to hold out ,probably till the new year , put a stroker 3.4 in her, all internals will be super finished Most likely have it back during the winter
  11. Provisionally Sold OE Turbos TT turbo intake pipes & Heat Shield OE Intake
  12. I am just selling an OsGiken Clutch , and a working Clutch master cylinder but the Clutch master cylinder is till on the car http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?358442-OsGiken-Clutch-575-ft-lb-(600-650-HP)-(TY031-BQ6)
  13. Supra JZA80 TT Fuel Pulsation Damper Removal -- 44 Gbp
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