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  1. They definitely saw me, anyone on here?
  2. Update on this, just went for a baffle in the end. Really quiet now. Bit tight to get in and out so will try and sand it down a bit. Does the job though
  3. No good point that. I will compare them and see what the actual volume is on each
  4. Thanks mate I better have a look through that thread
  5. Hello mate, do you have a link to the valve you got itself? Or the brand etc?
  6. Will a box affect flow? Even slightly? I’ll have a look at that car
  7. Thanks bud, always the way. If my valve stem seals didn’t need doing I probably wouldn’t have gone single at all lol 0.84ar so one step smaller than the previous 1.0ar on the Borg Warner. The hope is that will come in sooner and continue making power for longer. Will be interesting to see The K Sports and ds2500 are fantastic. No fade on track and not bad on brake dust. Nice firm pedal, no noise. Different league to uk brakes, for the money they are well worth it. Yep 9.1 CR. Makes more difference than I expected so far
  8. Thats good to hear, even on cold start? No potential issues? This could be the answer. Could just get a new rear box made up that takes a baffle.. Does it make a big difference to the noise level? Sounds naughty now but the cold start could wake the dead! f459f28b-a7eb-4752-8fb4-7462b2057918.MP4
  9. Evening guys Thought I would resurrect my old thread as I have recently gone abit crazy on the car. Back in 2019 I went to Japfest Donnington, day was OK but real highlight was taking the car on track for a little session. Awesome fun and realised that my car is not a track car at all LOL, car performed great but felt a bit too heavy for that sort of work, still amazing to see what the car was like on the limit. On the way home I heard a ticking noise from under the bonnet, took it to Darren at Magnum Performance and turned out the manifold gasket had gone. After a bit of "while you're in
  10. This is an option, do the baffles make a big difference? I am also conscious of back pressure, currently running in a new engine so do not want to cause any problems there. Baffle in for the first part of a journey and pop back in up the road is something i could do if it will not strain the engine at all?
  11. Hi guys Supra now has a 4" downpipe and Whifbitz 4" single box exhaust. I love the sound but I do not think the neighbours do so might go quieter for the first time ever. Is there a 4" exhaust system out there which is a little quieter whilst being as free flowing as the system I have now? Or am I better off getting a silencer installed in my current exhaust? Or are you always going to lose some power with more silencers no matter what? I was exploring getting a valve installed, as I only need to quiet it down for starting in the morning and parking in the garage at night. But g
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