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  1. So dads 6870 gen2 finally came I think he’s happy
  2. So the crank has finally landed and added to the stash of parts
  3. It’s been 28k for months now 23k but alarm bells ring
  4. Thanks man, Toyota are still selling bare vvti heads mate
  5. Hey guys I hope your all well, Does anyone know or have any info on this car or have any information there seems to be a wind back with the mileage not sure if it’s gone from k to miles as 96k to mile is like 60k miles so would you guys be sus about it ? many thanks
  6. Hey Peter, loving the updates may I ask who’s doing your paint work please
  7. Engine Specifications: SRD Built head with billet 264 camshaft Bc springs and titanium retainers Rebuilt 2JZ GTE engine Turbocharger & Induction: HKS T51R KAI Turbo kit Hks gt 60mm wastegate Screamer pipe All new hks gaskets SRD custom 4'' down/mid pipe Large K&N filter Titanium heat wrap BIG Titanium dei turbo blanket Fuel, Tuning & ECU: Syvecs ECU Asnu 1100cc Injectors Aeromotive FPR SRD Fuel kit Aeromotive fuel filter Walbro 485 pump Syvecs fuel flex Sensor Titan Boost control soleniod 3.5bar map sensor Syvecs knock sensor NTK Lambda sensor
  8. Yer, she’s doesn’t get run at 1.8bar all the time but 700 should be fine buddy
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