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  1. Stop being a pussy, put some new wheels on it new air freshener, drive down and come see us lads for a hoon and do burn outs
  2. Is it Journal or bearing and I may be interested:-) would be nice to have a spare
  3. So what a nice meet it was bar the weather can’t wait for the one end of the month
  4. Hey guys this Sunday is the 1st meet be nice to see you all
  5. Hi guys anyone got a mint facelift black carpet for sale, give me a shout if you do please
  6. Hahahaha I may start a wattsapp group if you want to send me your number
  7. Next one will be the 31st of July guys please get a list of names please supraleeturbo jose supra
  8. Hi bud had no one confirm mate so didn’t go ahead
  9. Hi guys so I’m starting this meet up again as I miss your faces, please send me or post your mobile number and I’ll add you into the group chat Port Solent meet Sunday 1st Aug 5pm Postcode is PO6 4TS Will aim for the 1st and last Sunday each month with possible times and day changes to suit the majority and will give people a chance to get out Whoever gets there first try and find a nice quiet spot so we can get parked up together. * Table is booked to have a beer and food * Hope to see you guys there
  10. Hi since the forum change I see to have lost all my friends on here and there was an old club member that was a pal of mine anf im trying to find him on here how can I find him
  11. Colins touched it now it’s just a supra vxr
  12. Pm for the boot carpet please mate
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