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  1. SPG

    Project Pesto

    Thanks buddy, I’ll keep an eye out for your thread, hopefully you don’t have as much bother with your car as I’ve had with this one 😄. I agree Herb, really unsure why they also had black centres previously, as it was an unnecessary eyesore. Hopefully we see more threads being posted soon, the new site makes uploading pictures a doddle and I can imagine it might have deterred previous thread starters from posting. Mawbs certainly delivered 😁. Metal work is up shortly, as well as the underside clean up so stay tuned. 👍
  2. Took these pics of the rear of my switches just in case you needed to know how to get them off 😁
  3. SPG

    Project Pesto

    Thanks chaps, I agree that more threads like this might pop up over the next half decade abs beyond for sure. I am doing a full Resto on a RSP TT6 which should be a fun thread, but that’s not due to commence till Spring 2021 as I literally have no space at the moment. I’ve already sent the subframes for that one off and all new components for the suspension, boots, nuts etc etc are all gathered for the re-build. So keep your eyes peeled. I currently have my friends Drift car that’s going to be competing in the BDC next year stored at my place at the mo. ML Motorsport did the buil
  4. SPG

    Project Pesto

    Thanks matey, just about half way through, lots to come. 😁 Thanks Raven I’ve really enjoyed your Re-Up thread. Thanks buddy 😃
  5. SPG

    Project Pesto

    So earlier on in the thread I mentioned that I’d be getting the wheels refurbished as I was not keen on the look of them in the condition they were in. I think they look 100 times better than they did and I was very pleased with the finished result. This is how they looked (recap): Not they looks ok in these pics but that polished look was less endearing when up close, the blue inner rim was flaking and generally speaking looked horrible. The wheels were refinished by WeRestore Alloys up here in Scotland, and after they refinished my BBS RG-R’s on my R
  6. SPG

    Project Pesto

    Thanks Guys I just want to see this car back in the road and used by someone who will enjoy it. I view all Supra’s in the same light, so saving a NA is no different to a TT. The part where it is different is when you think about whether it’s economically sound to peruse the result you hope for. Although sometimes the heart over rules the head. The thing about owning a Supra for me is being part of a larger community, and it’s great to see people from all walks of life being able to enjoy these great cars. plenty of updates to follow guys so please stay tuned. 😁
  7. SPG

    Project Pesto

    The stories are always about I guess, it’s the only real way to be sure that’s you’ve neutralised every bit of rust. I’m sure the most reputable places will have the bases covered though, things like Capiliary Action and Leaching are commonly used scary words. I just went with the usual elbow grease approach with the underside of the car, 3 days of grinding, sanding, swearing and neck ache later and the underside was taken back to a shine state before the treatment to the metal could progress. I’d 100% advise anyone reading this to send their car off to be blasted with some form of m
  8. SPG

    Project Pesto

    Unfortunately there was no budget for this to happen, as nice as that might have been Dunk. Also I’m a little scared to have a car dipped as I read a few stories about it getting stuck in areas and eating out sections. This was by no means a full restoration, I had no intentions of following that model as it would not be economically viable on a NA-5speed. Upon checking the box sections with a scope it wasn’t that bad, just sections on the outer sill needed cutting out and replacing. The only section that needed rebuilding completely was the hinge for the boot. I have pics
  9. SPG

    Project Pesto

    With the engine out the bay was empty and the stripping back of the bay loom could begin. Engine just left the building:
  10. Have you guys checked the wheel well on the passenger side for moisture at all, it’s a long shot but if it’s damp there, either due to a leaky matrix or a grommet is missing, you might see an issue. I had a problem with the matrix on a previous car and it leaked into the well at that section and soiled the ECU.
  11. SPG

    Project Pesto

    Next up it was time to get the engine out of the bay and then the front subframe off, we chose to remove the engine first as at this point the dolly wheels had just arrived. Whilst waiting for some bits to arrive I ordered very sturdy engine stand from SGS to hold the TT lump. Very impressed with SGS stand and will be ordering my new work bench/station from them also.
  12. SPG

    Project Pesto

    So with the car stripped down as far as I Martin wanted it, It was time to go to the ML workshop to get her up on the ramps. Now this is usually a happy part for most when they know the car is off to be prepped and painted, but for me, it was more a case of “what lies beneath”. You guessed it, more corrosion, but let’s be honest that’s kinda what we all expected. Here’s the pics: Now perhaps I just got accustomed to seeing the rusty bits but the underside was in better shape than I was expecting. The rear subframe was clearly corro
  13. SPG


    Also remember to update it, as your circumstances/possessions etc will change with time.
  14. SPG

    GR Yaris

    Shame about the delay Faye, but man is the wait going to be worth it after hearing the reviews. I’m seriously tempted to get one of these but I fear the wife might park it somewhere unsavoury 😂. Looking forward to the pics.
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