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  1. SPG

    Project Pesto

    Quick update, I was waiting for parts to arrive that I purchased from TCB, and to say the pandemic caused a few problems would be an understatement. Today though I received a box of OEM goodies which will help me near the finish line. love a parts delivery! - Basically new hardware for the underside, diff/subframe bolts, - Interior screws and fixings, replacement door membrane’s as the ones on the car were ripped. - Facelift indicators and looms. - Ignitor and Airbox bolts, and the throttle body pipe replacement. - Bonnet catch (both sides)
  2. I might have one of these but will have to check for you Evin
  3. SPG

    GR Yaris

    Looks as though this little engine is going to be quite a popular unit for engine swaps, found this article recently and can only imagine how much fun that cars going to be. http://www.speedhunters.com/2021/04/an-ae86-levin-with-gr-yaris-power/?fbclid=IwAR2R5YJkKcOx_YxsPJKNmME1O1DY_mcacMRuHhY7fiFaWVk-HcjaC-FrKms
  4. SPG

    Lexus V8TT?

    Hey all, I managed to stumble across this article the other day, and was intrigued to see that a patent for a Lexus V8TT was being created by Toyota. I know it’s just paper talk just now, but if it comes to fruition, It could be the teeth the Lexus lineup have been missing. Enjoy: https://www.motor1.com/news/506055/toyota-twin-turbo-v8-patent/amp/
  5. If your NA was a SZ-R 5 speed then it would have come with a LSD (A01B) as standard but as mentioned it was an option that could be spec’d.
  6. I managed to source a front clip to help aid my other project, it’s basically a half cut section, which has many handy pieces for the repair. As the others have mentioned with the increased price of used parts/condition you might find it’s soon becomes a very expensive project. Although not registered that’s a Cat C all day (old money ) so expect a good chunk of your budget spent on a Jig. It’s a bonus though that you can get the work done out with the UK as I agree it’s often far more cost effective. Do you know if the Subframe took and damage at all? As I’m assuming the d
  7. Hi all, I recently read a member purchased the electric seat gear for the forward and back mechanism on the stock seats and thought the link might be handy to share: http://www.gamiviti.com/seatparts?fbclid=IwAR3Hj9IUx8JS4VAc4wT0IEc0Qn4eCVHRvWD6Mj0W9cZERu0Iz1PEwtYc6Mw Hope it helps.
  8. I was trying my best to reinstate the NSFW section, some of my best posts are in there.
  9. Insurers don’t often tend to make changes based on what one car sells for unfortunately, but if more cars achieve a similar value then I could imagine it would become an option. It might even be an option now if your insurance accept, but usually your excess or premiums would see a hike.
  10. i can’t lie, I’m in it for the power and status.
  11. Would you react like the driver or the guard that looked like he was in major shock.
  12. This is a valid point, in recent times I’ve seen a NA-T sell for £35k, and here in Scotland a Black TT6 just sold for £43,600, I know this as I was the person the buyer asked to look it over. Just a couple of examples I’ve seen recently. I’ve been asked to look over a White TT6 up here in Scotland for a Porsche Dealer who took it as part ex also, so can share what that sold for, if the buyer follows through with the purchase. Will check on the consensus but I’d love to engage with the club insurers to see if we can get a sit down around forum valuation services for members
  13. I have to admit, I was left underwhelmed by the R34 experience and that was a V-spec II. the interior felt super cheap also. I still think they are cool and can appreciate them, but I prefer the Supra. I’m sure there will be many lurkers who sold up that are shocked by the spike, I’m not surprised in the slightest and believe we are no where near the peak yet.
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