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  1. Mark was this the car that was restored (bodywork) as A1?
  2. DJG N/A Aero here
  3. Welcome to the Club
  4. The higher the better, still plenty of headroom for prices to increase. I’ve been contacted directly from a well know dealer in Japan about exporting my red car back across the pond, which I’d be more inclined to consider than shipping to the US. Just my personal preference. Although the offers inline with what I believe the prices will be at in 2 years from now, I’ve respectively declined.
  5. I can’t stand it when people say “send it” in that context, and to make things worse I’m usually in the middle of town in traffic at the time
  6. Thanks very much Noz, really appreciate it
  7. I was keeping the lights to use on Project Pesto, and hadn’t noticed the micro cracking earlier. I’d be interested if you were able to locate and carry out the work, do you know if clear lenses are available also?
  8. SPG

    GR Yaris

    Yeah I’ll be looking to use this as my new daily driver and will be keeping it for the long term hopefully. I’m a bit of a Toyota Fanboy ,so was super excited about this project when the details were released. I think I’m going to get the underside sealed in a clear under seal. My friend had this done and it looks great. I’ll also be getting PPF done when it arrives as I don’t much fancy paint matching the Pearl paint.
  9. SPG

    GR Yaris

    It’s actually a welcomed delay as the Wife is pushing for a bigger house which should mean I’ll have a barn or outbuilding to keep my cars under cover. Ive already started ordering parts, simple bits at the moment like a riser for the rear view mirror to lift it up 25mm, due to the visibility people have mentioned in the reviews. Once lockdown is over my friend is going to lend me his Yaris GR so that I can look into making up some better arch liners, as I believe the stock ones don’t cover a fair section of the arch. Super excited though
  10. Noz, do you happen to know if there are any replacement lenses for the facelift lights, I have a spare set in the loft but the lenses have those micro cracks in them, you can notice them better if standing side on to the light at close quarters. Seems a shame to waste them as the insides are pristine.
  11. I think a good chunk of those numbers reside in Aus also. I know one of the solar yellow ones belongs to All Street/Abdullah over there.
  12. I’m pretty sure Hammer on here owns a facelift Aero TT in DJG.
  13. Fantastic work on that rear quarter and having it fixed correctly . Absolutely love the carbon parts
  14. SPG

    GR Yaris

    Well Faye your thread must have resonated with me on a deeper level as I’ve also placed an order for this little pocket rocket. Lead times have increased massively so it’s arriving in the first few months of the new year. I went with platinum white and the circuit pack.
  15. Looks great Brad, essential life extension works there
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