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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Scottish Car Show 2015


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Thought i would get a jump on this and get the thread started, its always a great turnout and the numbers seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year! So lets make this year a monster turnout for the supra club!! Will keep the same details for meeting and etc as last years thread, so will copy and paste the relevant information over!


Date - Sunday 19th July

Location - Royal Highland Centre, Ingleston, Edinburgh, EH28 8NB

Time - 8am

Price - £10 per driver and £10 Per passenger (early bird offer, before the 30th April)

- £15 per driver and £15 per passenger


As per usual get your names down on the list and confirm your spot asap! Also put down if its a "+1"...


Confirmed List


1. Westy + 1 PAID £20

2. Drift_bear PAID £10

3. mrboomberang PAID £10

4. safcdixon + Sammy PAID £20 (two Supras)

5. Simon197911 PAID £40 (two Supras + 2 passengers)

6. Grasmt PAID £10

7. Kraig PAID £20 (2 cars)

8. Hodge +2 PAID £30

9. CraigMoSupraRSP PAID £10

10. robby a PAID £10

11. Kitch79 +1 PAID £20

12. Style + 1 PAID £20

13. Brom86 (Originally Styles mate) - PAID £10 - Driver

14. Fosta_1 + 1 PAID £20

15. SPG PAID £10

16. Sid (Ross c) PAID £10 - Driver

17. Farlane92 - PAID £20 - Driver + 1

18. Jn.shaw - PAID £20 - Driver + 1

19. Tony TT + 1 PAID £20


22 CARS + 11 PASSENGERS + 2 under 16s


£260.00 Total PAID to organiser 16/03/2015

£60.00 PAID to organiser 29/04/15


Reserve List


1. suprasteveo



How to get there by road:


The Royal Highland Centre sits off Glasgow Road (A8) between Newbridge roundabout and the A8/Airport roundabout, one of the main routes into the city.

Access to the Royal Highland Centre is from A8/Airport roundabout on to Eastfield Road. From there signposts provide directions to the venue along Fairview Road onto Ingliston Road.



Everyone to meet at 7:15am to give time to hand out passes and make sure everyone is there -



Newbridge Industrial Estate, Newbridge, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH28 8LQ



Do not be late as we will leave without you!

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We'll be in from the north east too Alex, il link your thread in the n:e section


Me and Sam will defintley be coming :thumbs:


Least my car will make it this year haha. That would be good dude, want to start getting the numbers for this even bigger and bigger each year!


Post 1 now updated :thumbs:

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Least my car will make it this year haha. That would be good dude, want to start getting the numbers for this even bigger and bigger each year!


Post 1 now updated :thumbs:


Aye be good to see it again after its big changes over the last year n a half, hopefully we'll get a few more along from the north east and maybe see some southerners join us for this years aswell :D

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I now have the indoor and outdoor booking forms for this event.


If wishing to attend please add your names ASAP as it's first come first served just like every other year.


We lucked out with the weather last year being outside but the drive in doesn't suit low cars and following the trophies/media coverage of the event indoor stands get more attention.


What are peoples opinions on this year!?


Let's get paid up early this year folks and make it another great turnout for the club.

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Obviously it's a complete lottery with the weather but given ideal conditions, I'd say an outdoor stand for me. You could at least hold a conversation outside without having to scream. Was a much nicer atmosphere.


But you're right Westy, getting in was a bit hairy over that bridge!

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The INDOOR highland hall is now fully booked and booking for the other hall are being taken.


Looks like we will be outside regardless at this rate.


Where is the love folks!? No one want to attend this year!?


Really enjoyed it last year so I'll be there. I'll even bring my spanners.

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