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  1. Audi S4 Avant. If you live rural I’d stay clear of a bmw especially if it’s going to be a daily. Winter time for sure something awd and fun too to keep the boredom at bay. Supercharged S4. That’s what I’m in now and in all honestly it’s the best car I’ve had to date.
  2. I’d say it’s quicker to 100 than the single Supra I had. It’s really quick for what it is.
  3. Hi Josh hope you’re well fella. Not back as such just a drop in
  4. Does everything mate. Don’t miss the Supra at all with it. The traction control hasn’t came on yet it just sits and goes. I love it.
  5. It’s been a long time since I was on here but finally back on my feet and bought some new toys. Hopefully everyone is doing well during these crap times. Seems once you have a bug for modifying it doesn’t stop no matter what you buy. Well the old truck got sold on and had a few cars in between. Bmw 535D with hybrid turbos 414hp wasn’t bad for a Nazi half track. Moved to an Audi S4 the 4.2 V8 which was okay apart from really awful fuel economy but it made a fantastic noise. Stepped up to the car I have now which is the Supercharged S4 Avant. At last Dyno it was 497.7 Hp but it’s had upgraded so
  6. Well done to all involved. Looked great.
  7. Was this not for sale a couple of years back as well?
  8. tony tt

    Audi S5

    Since I sold my Supra I’ve had two German cars. A 535d m sport with Hybrid turbos and a stage 3 map. Now my S4. Can’t fault either on reliability or comfort. Given the choice and circumstances to allow I’d obviously rather have a Supra in there as well somewhere.
  9. tony tt

    Audi S5

    I’ve a B7 S4 4.2 V8 just now. Fuel costs are nuts as I’m only getting about 260miles from a tank. Handles great and sounds even better. Takes about a litre of oil every 1000miles or so. Keep an eye on that but apart for that it’s been a good car. Quite laggy under 4000rpm so you need to spank it to get it to shift. Mine is stock with a custom cat back. Cold start on the new exhaust but you get the idea.
  10. That’s a keeper for sure. Yeah sometimes I pop into check the classifieds bud. Pipe dreams at the moment. Doubt I’ll be back to Supra ownership though.
  11. Very different Alex. Looks good. When I got the 535d I told myself not to mod it. That didn’t last
  12. Do mine through MCE. Cheap enough.
  13. Well done mate that's a great achievement!
  14. I'll come along if I can get away. I'll pop down on the bike maybe.
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