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Scottish Car Show 2015


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It took you all that time to say no?! I'm disappointed in you sunny :( :(


Sorry lads, I tried to leave it till last minute, as I also have a wedding to attend in Belfast that weekend, and was checking with the family if I could possibly miss it to attend this annual meet.


I got a call from my cousin last night asking me personally to attend, so I can't miss the wedding guys.


Have fun though, if anything changes then I shall still come as a non participant :)

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Are all spaces full for this chaps? I have a JM1000R GT-R expressing interest in joining me down and onto the stand if we have the room?


Obviously priority goes to all Supras but if on the day there is a space for one more, he'd take it :)

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Im on with the gi motorsport stand again this year lads, will pop over and say hi all the same :)


Don't bother ya turncoat!!!!
















- - - Updated - - -


Don't suppose there's any chance of getting in on this still? I know I'm late but I only picked the supra up on 16th!



PM Westy mate and see if you can be squeezed in.

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Seem to have a few people wanting to attend.


I'll ask the organiser to add people to the list if...and only if you confirm you wish to attend by this Thurs 30th April at 1pm!!!!!!!!!!!

(Price - £10 per driver and £10 Per passenger (early bird offer, before the 30th April)



I'm not promising anything as I don't know if the spaces have been allocated out yet but if I have a confirmed number to go to her with then I'll ask.


Payment would be needed immediately and if there is no space I'll refund it back to you.


ATM we will call it a reserve list:





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