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Project: Ric's Gunmetal Carbon Ridox


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Hello all,

So after regretting selling my 2 supra's i've owned before i decided to get back into supra ownership.

I looked for a while for my next supra, never actually deciding on what i wanted, stock 6 speed gunmetal or perhaps something cheaper that i could make a project out of.

In the end i found a bone stock (engine wise, only wheels exterior) TT aerotop in Red.

I've always wanted a gunmetal coloured supra, so this is due to change.


So, the car:


Spec Before:


Aerotop TT
OEM Skirts
OEM Spats
Leather interior
Active spoiler
Jspec brakes
Bilstein suspension
Stock engine bay

Plans so far:

Full respray (glass out, inside etc) smoothed boot and wiper
Ridox carbon body kit, with carbon un-painted
CCW or SSR wheels (not decided which ones yet)
Fully referbed interior, leather/diamond retrim
Factory recaros
Nurspec R exhaust
Front mount intercooler

In future:

Single conversion (6-700 bhp)
6 speed conversion.

These plans will constantly change as my impulse buying and selling takes hold as they always have done.

Latest picture


some pics:





Ignore the awful plate and wheels lol, they're not staying






Nice little fibreglass box in the boot holding 2x 6" JL W3 subs.




Spoiler fitted




The carbon begins




Got the carpet out, gave it a good wet vac ready for dye later.




Stuck one of my new recaros in, as i need to be able to take it to the bodyshop.




Already in bits removing the active spoiler and fitting my front mount intercooler ready for the bodyshop.



More updates soon.

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You buy from Paul Ric? Fitment of mine was 100%


Yeah I did, we will see, I'm confident.. the bodyshop isn't as much, but they've fitted 15k kits on Lamborghini Sv's so I'm confident a mint job will be done either way.

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Yeah I did, we will see, I'm confident.. the bodyshop isn't as much, but they've fitted 15k kits on Lamborghini Sv's so I'm confident a mint job will be done either way.


Sound like a nice project in the making. :) Can I ask what bodyshop it is please ? I need to find one I can trust.

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Bit of a update here:


I wanted to get the inter-cooler fitted before the bodyshop so my new bumper could be cut around the pipes etc before it's painted.


Lee @ SRD supplied me a lovely 4" beast of a inter-cooler kit which should suit me perfectly for future plans, it also came with a lovely polished overflow tank and PS cooler, real plug and play kit.




Whilst the car is been prepared for it's full respray (inside and out) i decided that i would use the opportunity to get the wheel arches rolled (im not sure which wheels i want in the future, but it makes sense to get the arches done now) - Good thing i did, the process cracked a little paint off the offside rear.

Work done by Cheshire and Derbyshire's Arch-enemy rep.






Thanks for looking, more coming soon.






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So, as the car is in the bodyshop i've made sure i've got plenty of things stashed in the garage to keep me busy while im home.

I made a start on the dash panels today, something i was dreading! BUT i've had a breakthrough...

I always knew the rubber coating was a complete c**t to remove but i've found a way which makes it a breeze!

First i set myself a little work area in the garage.




I read somewhere that people have used many things to try remove the rubber finish, some use thinners and it wrecks the plastic below, or it's too weak and does nothing.. I was not going to stand there sanding them for 2 weeks.

So. Brake fluid..

Make sure you get PLENTY of gloves, as it's nasty stuff as im sure you're aware, make sure you are well ventilated also, common sense stuff.

Simply rub on with a rough cloth (cheap asda dish cloths are perfect) and you will feel the resistance get easier as it VERY quickly makes work of the coating.




The Mirror switch panel took about 3minutes to FULLY remove all the rubber coating, leaving a nice smooth shiny original surface to prep, you can see how it's eaten into the rubber but not the plastic (I wouldn't recommend leaving the fluid on the panel for a long period of time, this might damage the plastic, i don't know)




I rubbed the panel down to give the plastic primer a key, and cleaned with a panel wipe cloth before painting





After the panels are dry, ill give them a little rub again, then they are getting a few coats of Black plastidip which finishes VERY well regardless of good or bad prep and looks almost like a OEM finish, Ill update when i have a finished set of panels, I wanted to post this as a record of what to use for removing the rubber coating


Thanks for looking

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