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  1. thanks for organizing, it was great to see members again.
  2. anyone know why my pictures have turned this way, the preview on the forum looks fine, the orientation looks ok - - - Updated - - - I dont mind pushing the manu button through the gaitor, and i am trying to source a manual surround. I want to redo my dash for next year.
  3. Latest modification to the interior is the auto shifter replacement. A bloke of FB was selling a kit which had a carbon knob, as ive a soft spot for carbon i bought it months ago but only had the chance to fit it a few days ago. Anyway i searched the whole interweb for how to take the existing one apart and couldn't find anything decent with pics that actually worked so I will make a guide on here but it will be specific for this gear knob i bought however you can get an idea what you need to do.. Tools You need: Flat end screw driver or plastic panel remover kit Cross Screw driver
  4. 1. Blythmrk x2 2. charlton x2 3. MrGRT 4. Supra-love x4 5. Mwilkinson x 2 6. samdale 7. Hamilton 8. Sheefa 9. ShawnPreece x 3 10. Kev.O 11. RobUk 12. djmakz x2 13. Fitz x2 14. Mellonman 15: supraUFO x 1
  5. literally was about to send some pic over... From looks of the pic above looks quality though
  6. cheers lads, and cheers mike it was great seeing you again after a while, your car is great. ill upload my pics to the main chat today, sorry ive had a busy weekend! ive also added some more pictures on here.
  7. Its been a while guys since my last major update in 2016, I've got married, bought a new house, and had a baby (now 19 months old). During that time, the Supra has been sat not being used much for about 2 years but its now my daily (in an effort to use it and spend money on it LOL) so I will be posting a lot more regular updates. I have been updating alot of progress via Instagram please follow @ufo_supra for those interested. I have been attending a few shows a year but I have been going with local clubs, I will be attending with the MKiv owners club hopefully for some future event
  8. cheers he gets this message "Your account is pending Moderator from this group will review and activate your account"
  9. Hi mods can you please activate soul_supra new forum account? He recently purchased a supra from a member on here and wants to make his own build thread. cheers.
  10. nice to meet you ant. The SUP was lovely on the way back, didnt give any issues. sounds were amazing. Sohail is in love and it will defo be looked after. I'll get him to register and sign up on here. cheers pal.
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