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  1. Hi No, he's not a member. I told him its a great place to go for info and advice [GRIN][/GRIN] He paid and collected this morning. ***NOW SOLD***
  2. Offer accepted yesterday and hands shaken, TBC......
  3. Hi Nathan Price negotiable (Put high to put off boy racers and chavs)! but want it to go to a good home. posted on our forum this morning 1993 NA 5 Speed manual, link to ebay but send me a pm if your interested, can bypass ebay Linda
  4. Hi I'm about to buy my first home so sadly the supra has to go, after 12 years of great ownership. Posted on ebay Thursday evening: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Supra-2JZ-GE-1993-Manual-5-speed/153509827911?hash=item23bde61547:g:IvkAAOSwup9c8ooN Sen me a PM if interested, for more details Linda
  5. I've knocked it down to £6,000 after some advice - off thread - in no hurry to sell anyway Theblades .....indeed, cheers mate the forums changed a lot since I was last on....
  6. Hey Pete!! glad to know your still around and in a supra...your post numbers are huuuuge! you trying to break a record?! Lx
  7. As the car was hit whilst parked and the bodyshop didnt get it quite right its still a high spec for an N/A as for the wheels they are actually Oxigen, retailing at over a £1,000 at the time. As for the engine, the replacement has done half the miles of the original engine and is much smoother and more responsive. Thanks all for you're feedback: there are no NA's currently for sale and I've had such a wide spectrum of prices from those I've asked it makes pricing it very tricky. Price now about to drop....
  8. I've decided, very reluctantly, to let the supra go after 9 years of ownership. It's been my pride and joy with close on £10K spent on it to make a beautiful, unique supra. I need a more practical car that I can notch up more miles on, that can handle B-roads and countryside driving. So, time to hand over the mantle to another, hopefully, proud owner to cherish and enjoy. I'll put up a few photos on this thread, please see my garage for more pics: STANDARD EQUIPMENT SZ 5 speed manual Jap import November 1993 Milage*see below Electric adjustable heated mirrors Electric adjustab
  9. Engine: Stock: Original engine swapped out September 2015 @ 138K miles Replacement engine 65K miles @ 09/2015 Factory Fit Options: Air Con Cruise Control ABS Driver Airbag Transmission: RPS Max Street Clutch 5 speed manual Suspension: Tein Super Street Coilovers Exhaust: Fully decatted custom exhaust, SS tail pipe Brakes: Stock JSpec Grooved discs front Exterior: Oxigin V-Two 8x18" Alloys - gloss black acrylic Varis front bumper Bomex skirts Veilside spats HID's dipped beam New main light clusters - genuine OEM Face lift side repeaters/indicators Electi
  10. Hi Had the beast for 9 years now! Jspec N/A red, black wheels, full body kit etc... In Wolverhampton (still trying to escape) Linda
  11. Loving the carbon spliter, will you carry it through to the skirts or anywhere else on the supra other than the rear spoiler?
  12. Hi all I'm in Wolverhampton, go to Leicester quite a bit... Supra now has black wheels - must upate pics on profile:) '93 N/A
  13. I sympathise. I actually had 'hate mail' a couple of years ago, anonymous, of course! "why am I sitting on the drive reving it up in the morning..." etc. Mine's an NA too, fully decatted, custom exhaust. Just drive slower and keep the revs down as you go down the road The only other thing you can do is change the back box....or move! The only comfort for me was an EVO owner moved in around the corner who's even LOUDER!!
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