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  1. Agree - as far as a 'work around' to keep you out of trouble if stopped by the police you might be ok, but if (heaven forbid) something was to happen I would say your insurance company wouldn't cover you.
  2. Legal flash rate is between 60 and 120 per minute, I'm struggling with the rate on my imported celica but found this page to be very helpful... http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1989/1796/schedule/7/made
  3. Had a set of these on my 6no, loved them! [ATTACH=CONFIG]229843[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]229844[/ATTACH]
  4. I started this thread with an 'if I ever won the lottery', I didn't, but the money from the sale of my supra meant I could import this from California due into Felixstowe in a couple of weeks, can't wait!
  5. Don't overthink it, go ahead and buy it, best thing you'll ever do!! Worst case scenario if you can't keep up with the maintenance costs sell it, chances are you'll make money on it anyway with the way prices seem to be going.
  6. Very nice bud, the look meaty, suits it
  7. You'll be stancing it next week with some stretched tyres too Dunk! Any pics of the new rims?
  8. jim

    Headlight Refurb

    Is it just that the lenses have gone cloudy/yellow Mac, or is the chrome peeling on the inserts? If it's just yellowing it really is easy, although much much easier if you have a machine polisher - I generally have mine done once a year by a body shop (for buttons, doesn't take them long). Process is wetsand with a very fine grit paper until they go white, then hit with the polisher and a buffing compound. 5 minutes each light and they come up like new. If the chrome is peeling then they need to be split to correct them, I've done this quite a few times and it's not difficult, the bi
  9. Put a deposit on this on Friday long wait now for it to arrive from California!
  10. Cheers guys I'm going to miss you when I'm gone! Mine's the metal pulley so I've ordered the bearing, should be sorted next couple of days it's defo the bearing in the pulley Harry but thanks.
  11. Cheers Cam meant to say mine’s a na, was that for na or tt bud? If tt, anyone any idea if the two are the same size please?
  12. Anyone know if it’s possible to buy just the bearing for a fan belt tensioner assembly please? I’ve got the beginning of a squeak from the fan belt, the tensioner itself is fine but there is play in the bearing. I can get the tensioner but it’s £110 inc vat but was hoping I’d be able to just replace the bearing. Thanks
  13. mmm...not sure I'd agree - I drove for many years with the 2 pot/j-specs before swapping for a set of ls400 calipers and the difference is night and day, it was only when I swapped them that I realised how poor the 2 pots were. On top of that, I was forever getting the 2 pots either refurbed or replacing parts as they were a real pain in the arse for seizing or sticking (even though my supras have always been daily drivers). I haven't had to 'fix' anything with the ls400 calipers.
  14. That'll be mine Si, I'll pm you my address if you want to just return it to me? If another one turns up just send it back to me too
  15. You can get a caliper refurb kit from Toyota for around £40 that should help
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