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Moo's - Widebody Aerotop Turbo Manual - Build Thread - CCW's !


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Next the cylinder head came off, and you can see in the background of the first photo how everything was tagged and bagged in case I ever need it.



Generally the inside of the engine was in good condition, but it should be right, its a 60k miles VVTi import lump. Which is the main reason why I wanted to open this engine and refresh it. I'm not saying I don't trust the importer or the paperwork that the engine came with, but short of opening the engine its impossible to be truly confident.

The plan at this point was simple. The block and the cylinder head were going off to the machine shop to ensure they were straight and true on the mating surfaces, and I had new ARP headbolts and a new stock Toyota head gasket to go in - Job done?

But then the slippery slope began. My thinking at this point was along the lines of ‘The engine is now apart, so why not build it’. 🤦‍♂️

So my next step was to get the cylinder head and block ready for the machine shop, to have a little more work done than I originally intended.

Also at some point a gumball banner was put up - I think I borrowed it from the London checkpoint.



For the eagle eyed viewers, note this is an Aristo engine meaning at this point the sump and engine mounts are not going to fit the supra.

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Loving the home made tool to undo the crank pulley bolt.

You must have done a proper job of isolating that, as they are normally mega tight.

Still a marvelle to look at the standard Toyota twin turbo set up.

Look forward to seeing/ following your plans.

Bit of a dust monster in the background though 😀

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