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  1. Hi all, Any high spec Supras for sale here?
  2. Very excited to see this coming together and done properly too! Will be checking in for future updates
  3. I was there.. weren't many members though.
  4. Kaan W

    Dash Loom

    I've had a look and there's a connector that looks simular only it has 2 extra holes than the one in the photo. Does it plug in by the footwell next to the large blue connector?
  5. Sorry awaiting payment from someone else. If they change their kind I'll let you know.
  6. Not yet no. Parts are plus postage btw.
  7. Kaan W

    Dash Loom

    Sorry I haven't I will let you know tomorrow
  8. That's right, no use to me I just want it gone.
  9. Yes - - - Updated - - - Replied
  10. Kaan W

    Dash Loom

    I have no idea mate, if you mean the one that plugs into the active spoiler ecu then I believe it is.
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