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  1. Ha me too. Not seen a programme, and never seen this thread either. So it’s a club car then? Advertisement piece. Great idea.
  2. Interesting to see what happens. There is plenty of wealth associated with owning classic cars, so there must be some sort of solution. I seem to remember the 2JZ GTE was only discontinued because it couldn’t meet the emissions requirements, so extra Catalytic Convertors won’t work as it was designed with a primary and secondary from new oem. Not sure if you saw my other thread, as I have been looking at Range Rovers, and the 2012 5.0 Supercharged Petrol is ULEZ compliant apparently, so that made me wonder strange how a Standard-ish Supra with a Cat fitted isn’t. Be all abo
  3. Yes great review really. We all know the in’s and out’s, reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson saying out MG owners club members. I think it was MG anyway. I can only imagine Shawn’s Face after all the time money and effort into that car, very trusting indeed. All made for great examples.
  4. I can confirm that Raddys has also passed, as he doesn’t believe it will be suitable for his intended plans. Looks like ‘4. Boosted-Sup’ over to you buddy. If you can let me know that would be great. Cheers.
  5. Hey there, Thanks for the heads up, yes I am quiet a long way down the country unfortunately for this scenario. As said always the way hey.
  6. Hi there, Was nice to actually see a car out on the road this evening.
  7. Cheers buddy, thanks for letting us know. Always the way isn't it.
  8. Super read Rider, many thanks for your time. Covered a great deal of what can and does go wrong, and like you I am very particular with servicing and 'u'sing decent fluids and parts. Half the time if you look after things, they do tend to look after you back, granted you can come unstuck occasionally. I think I will continue to keep an eye out, as until I have had one the itch wont be scratched i seem to feel. Many Thanks
  9. Cheers AC93, Great summary on your personal experience, certainly valued by me thanks. I have to say your last statement did make me laugh
  10. Dear all, Maybe should have said post in the thread if interested only, as received a few pm's. Just to be fair to everyone, it will have to go in order of first contact as follows by time. 1. Raddys (10 hrs ago). 2. Mikeekim89 (9 hrs ago). 3. Boosted-Sup (7 hrs ago). 4. AC93 (5 hrs ago). If parties who have displayed interested in the order above can confirm in the thread whether they want it or not. Then we can move to the next in line. I am located in Plymouth Devon. Ideally looking for collection, as you may have issues with it being
  11. Hi there, I have a custom 1 piece vortex exhaust available. I removed it from my car upon purchase as it was too loud for me, years ago been dry stored. It was bolted to the back of the centre section, of a V8 transplanted Supra originating from a Toyota Soarer SC400. I will get a picture up at some point today, just a shame to scrap it if someone can make some use of it. Pretty sure it cost £750. ‘Free’ to a good home, but can’t post due to size. Happy Easter!
  12. Congratulations on the purchase. Nice looking car. Welcome in .
  13. Congratulations on the recent purchase. Looks very nice indeed, always nice in white. Welcome to the club.
  14. I am pretty sure it’s the final sale price of the car in a separate advert unrelated to the Silverstone Auction. A black TT Auto with low miles.
  15. Cheers Andrew, Some sincerely appreciated feedback there, top man indeed. I was up for fuel cost to have the supercharged v8, but I imagine it would start to wear thin after a while.
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