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  1. Cricky that didn't take long. Loving the Aristo, looks nice that.
  2. Looking great even with the green bonnet. Interested in what you think of the link ecu, and how easy fitment actually is, and function etc.
  3. Great to see you saving the car, and bringing back. Super amounts of progress to date. Well done. Nb. Loving the mustangs.
  4. Loving this car with the yellow and ccw's. Must be pretty spectacular in person judging by the super crisp photos. Are you planning on upgrading the ecu keeping it on standard twins first, have you driven a turbo parallel car set up? Either way look forward to your future plans.
  5. It really does look like a race car stripped back. Looking forward to the paint going on, and seeing new wheels when they arrive.
  6. June to November 2019. Changed my wheels again. This time went for some ADVAN Senna 2’s, 9J Front and 10J Rear, decent offset with no rubbing or arch work. Toyo Proxi T1R Tyres 235/40/18 and 275/35/18. Gold steel wheel nuts. December 2019. Reverted back to stock OEM wheels. March 2020 to March 2021. Written off due to Coronavirus, fell ill on 20th March 2020. Still not really right even now, getting over Long Covid slowly and never really been right since falling ill. One of the reasons why I was going to sell up, just couldn’t se
  7. Congratulations on completing the conversion and getting the legal in your country. That must have been a relief after all the effort. Great little bracket you made up, perhaps Whifbitz should supply something similar if it’s needed. Such a bummer about the windscreen, I bet your heart dropped. Fingers crossed they can rectify.
  8. I like the sound of Golden Week, where does one sign up for one of those. Loving the rotisserie, that will make the job much easier. Dreading getting under mine to do refurb on the floor.
  9. I think he means the bend or curve as we are looking at the photo where the steering rack shaft passes the chassis leg. So you didn’t even get the engine and gearbox in with sale at 3k. I sincerely wish you the very best with your plans, and am sure we will all look forward to your updates and progress.
  10. Interesting project this. I am sure we would all love to see a video, and how you think it performs/ drives. Will look out for updates, keep up the good work though. These things are never easy.
  11. Great project this one, been following your progress. I contemplated the Bullet Supercharger conversion, but when measuring up found the snout would catch the bonnet. There was no way I was going to cut the bonnet, so put me right off the idea. Glad to see your persevering with it though. Keep up the good work.
  12. Hey there Darren, Hope all is well your end, and thanks for positive comment. Couldn't resist another photo today, out Okehampton way.
  13. Christ on a bike that’s a lot of work you have completed to date. Really enjoyed looking through the progress you have made. I bet your looking forward to getting the car back. Makes my polish and wax the sills look extremely trivial indeed
  14. August 2016. One of my favourite places Dartmoor. These were taken after removing the extra badges, pretty sure the car was performing a little better with the weight reduction it saw. The car actually came with some nice wheels, although 19’s Khan was the manufacturer now big into Range Rover modifications funnily enough. Really well made wheels, but boy they were heavy, stayed super clean though mega bonus easy to wash. April 2017. Not a great deal changed by this point apart from the weather, which actually saw me drive it with t
  15. Cheers Buddy, Should have done this really from the start, but have always tended to keep myself to myself more than anything. Ha yeah, well spotted on the badge front, Obviously I did the love it, you have done a great job, but those came off straight away. Even felt a bit of a wally driving home with them all over it, but it was his thing and he loved it guess that’s all that counts at the end on day. He also had some ‘Help The Heroes’ and ‘Union Jacks’ on there too, I think he might have offered trips out for donations at local events. Yes looking forward to bringin
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